Just Paint It! Old Furniture Re-Do | Nursery Project


  1. Molly! I am so glad you did this because I’m buying furniture for my new room (not a nursery, but whatever) and I am probably going to have to paint stuff. And I’m pretty nervous about it but I am glad you successfully accomplished it! It all looks awesome, I’m really excited to see the whole thing 🙂 By the way, my coworker recently wrote a blog post on nursery lighting and it just occurred to me you might like it! http://blog.pegasuslighting.com/2013/07/5-tips-for-great-nursery-lighting/ Tell Lilly I said HEY GIRL! haha. <3

  2. It all looks great and like so much fun!! Can’t wait to see the big reveal, I can tell already that you have a great nursery going! 🙂 I love stuff related to decorating and wish I could do more. Love seeing that you were able to do it on a budget, though! Gives me hope for someday. haha

  3. This is such a good idea. There are plenty of gently used pieces out there that just need a little love. Also, I’m loving the Harry Potter books on Lilly’s bookshelf.

  4. This all looks incredible!!! You make me want to do some craft projects STAT. I didn’t realize repainting furniture was that easy… Or maybe it’s not and I don’t know exactly what “sanding” entails… haha

  5. I bought an old dry-sink that had a shelving unit on it that was a horrible dark brown and painted it a creamy white for my kitchen. I love it now!

  6. It really is amazing what a few coats of paint can do! I did the same thing for my apartment that you guys did here–a few white coats of paint for my dressers and bright yellow for my best, and it was like everything was brand new to me!

  7. These are reat projects, Molly! I love the dresser and was just thinking a dresser would be a good addition to our nursery. The closet gets overcrowded! We didn’t end up buying anything but the rocker as far as nursery furniture. We were so blessed to be given our crib and changing table. Can’t wait to see the rest of the room 🙂

  8. Such GREAT DIY projects and they all look like brand new stuff. I have painted two end tables and a desk before & I know the sanding is hard work, but it is great to see the finished product. Lilly is such a lucky girl to have such creative parents.!!!

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