1. Happy, happy birthday Molly!!!! I love the watch! What a great hubby! And that is so cute that you dressed Lilly up for the game, even if it didn’t make it all the way through!

  2. Such a great present from the hubby! What a great guy! My husband refused to buy into the whole push present idea despite the many clues I would leave him around the house 🙂
    Um, so Lilly is a doll. A real life doll. I am so happy for you Molly…I can’t wait to follow you as you experience her growing up. Cooper is now 7 months old and I just have to say that it is the BEST age ever. He laughs at my jokes (not so much what I’m saying but how I’m saying it…so it’s really helped with my delivery 🙂 ) and he loves to play games. It really is the best ever. Just wait friend.

    Big hug sweet friend!!
    xo – Marion

    1. hahahah it was def more of a bday present than anything… he tried to say the baby was the push present. 🙂 🙂 and thank you so much! i’ve loved seeing you share your life with Cooper! maybe cooper and lilly can meet one day!!

  3. i love that she was dressed up to watch her first football game, too awesome! and your husband is awesome for that birthday present. happy weekend!

  4. Happy belated birthday!!! That watch is ah-mazing…MK will be on my wrist one day! And Lily is NOT bored with you!! LOL! Have a great long weekend, sweet girl!!

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