High Five for #InstaFriday!

August 30, 2013·


Happy Friday! It’s amazing how fast time is flying now that I’m no longer pregnant. It’s so funny and weird how that happens… when you’re anticipating something, time seems to drag. But then suddenly you’re no longer anticipating and you blink and time is gone.

I really wonder why that is… what the psychology behind it is.

Anyway, here are five things I’m celebrating this week:

1. My birthday was last Friday and my amazing husband got me my first Michael Kors watch as my birthday / push present! I LOVE it. I am so excited!!

2. Lilly has been fussy the last few days, but when she isn’t fussy, she’s so cuddly and there’s really nothing I love more than her curled up on my chest.

3. Lilly is bored with me already. 🙂

4. Lilly all dressed up to watch her first Carolina football game! (The sad thing is that this onesie didn’t even make it through the entire day without getting soiled. Haha! I should have known!)

5. We’ve been so blessed by so many friends bringing us meals this week. I was SO excited to see my sweet friend Brooke when she brought dinner over… and of course Andrew came! He loved meeting Lilly. Love at first sight? 🙂

What are you celebrating this week?

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