1. I love a pretty pink lipstick or gloss! I switched to Bobbi Brown about a year ago but I love trying out the new products in my monthly subscription boxes. Model is one of my new favorite lipstick brands thanks to Birchbox!

  2. I am terrible. I just never learned to put on makeup and I never wear it. I call putting on lip gloss doing my makeup. And now it’s too late because i think I look odd with it on. Thanks so much for hosting again this week!

  3. Such a fun story about the same guy at the counter:)!
    A few days ago I had my make up done by a great make up artist ( for my sis wedding) it looked nice but the next Morning I had horrible breakouts!!! Now I’m looking for a high quality product and this one sounds like my type!
    And thank you girls for including me in your week favorites!!!

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