RECIPE: Easy & Delicious Mexican Lasagna - can be made with ANY type of meat!


  1. The only thing that could have made this better was to have the recipe printable! Looks seriously delicious!

  2. yes i call it mexican lasagna too, i’ll make it for my husband’s lunches during the week, gets me through four lunches for him and then the next week i usually make italian lasagna, is there a chinese lasagna recipe out there?

  3. Yum! Love your taste, this sounds so good and it’s only 6am! I am so bad at keeping a well stocked pantry with ingredients to throw something together but I’m trying to do better. It’s just harder to get out with a little one now 😉

  4. Yes, I am definitely trying this recipe! It looks so delicious. Bad thing is I’m reading this at almost 1 in the morning and now I feel like I need to snack (go away snack thoughts!)

    I sometimes try recipes with what I have on hand as well, and I’ve come up with some really amazing and delicious meals in the process. Thanks for adding one more meal to my list!!!

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