High Five for InstaFriday!

September 6, 2013·

Happy Friday! To be honest, I can’t believe it’s Friday again! (What? Like Friday doesn’t come EVERY week?? :)) These weeks are FLYING by now. Seriously. So crazy how the time just seems to be whizzing by. I mean, I’m not complaining. I’m just merely making an observation.

I realize that 99% of my photos now are of Lilly and, well, sorry I’m not sorry. I’m actually super thankful we live in a world where we’re able to so easily capture memories and milestones along the way. I already love looking back at pictures of her from when she was first born… and that was only two and a half weeks ago! I can only imagine how much I’m going to love looking back at pictures of her in a few months or years!

Plus, to be honest, I’m not exactly “picture worthy” lately.

Anywho. Here’s what I’m high-fiving this week:

  1. My Saturdays (and, well, every-other-days) now consist of laundry and hanging cloth diapers on a clothesline. I am loving cloth diapering… but I do have to admit that doing laundry so much and sunning our diapes makes me feel a little 1950sish. 🙂
  2. We took Lilly to church this past Sunday! We definitely snuck in and snuck out – and we sat in the Fireside room so we didn’t have to take her in the nursery. We’re just not quite ready for people to be touching her and stuff yet – she’s still so little and we don’t want her getting sick. But look at how cute she looks!
  3. Lilly is SMILING. She smiled for the first time last Friday the 30th. She doesn’t laugh, but she definitely smiles. They aren’t 100% social smiles yet, but they are definitely in “response” to something. When we make eye contact and talk to her, she will smile. And don’t let that smile fool you, she is DEFINITELY a crier, too.
  4. I wasn’t able to drive for two weeks because of my c-section and being on pain meds and stuff, but now I can so Lilly and I have ventured out a little this week. I was starting to get SERIOUS cabin fever! So, Lilly and I went and visited daddy at work! She is already running the place… look at her! She’s a natural.
  5. My wedding rings “fit” again!! Yesterday was the first time I could get them on since being pregnant. They are still a wee tight, but I can at least get them on and off now! Huzzah! Also, please excuse my month-old, chipped gel manicure. I haven’t exactly been able to get my nails redone yet… :-/

That’s what I’m high-fiving this week. What are YOU high-fiving?

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