1. Love the gender-neutral cloth wipes – the bicycles are so cute! We cloth diaper but I’ve always been a little suspicious/skeptical of cloth wipes. I’d like to give them a try. I’m already doing a ton of laundry anyway 😉

  2. you’re right, cloth wipes are soooo much better than disposable! These wipes look great (as to all the items!).

    :o) Becky in Oregon

  3. I absolutely love using cloth diapers and I have been wanting to make the switch to cloth wipes. I think this has made up my mind for me!

  4. Although I used disposable wipes and diapers with my son, I have always considered using reusable for any future babies. These are so cute and seem to be well worth the investment!

    I also really love the Picnic Blanket. Waterproof Picnic Blanket from AsYouStitchBaby! They have some really cute items.

    Mariposa Medley Jewelry

  5. Here’s what I’m wondering…hope it’s not too gross a question ha! When I use wipes, I think I probably don’t use them very efficiently. It’s hard to fold it over just so to use the entire thing, especially while holding wiggling little legs. So I just grab a new wipe and keep going. If you are only using one wipe, do you find that it’s harder to find a clean spot on the wipe and/or it gets all over your hands?

    1. hmmm…. i guess it’s hard to explain… it doesn’t get on my hands… and certainly there are times where i have to use two wipes… but i guess i open the up wipe and use all the parts of it… lol hard to explain! 🙂

  6. Love reusable wipes! My daughter will be 4 in November and we are still using our wipes. They are very handy and last a long time

  7. The cloth wipes are my favorite thing from her shop! I love the custom option where you can choose from all the different prints/colors she has!

    P.S. The link in the Rafflecopter goes to a different Etsy shop with a similar name. 🙂

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