1. Wow! What a deal on those boots! And not only do I totally love this outfit, but you look amazing! You would never know you just had a baby – other than the fact that she’s in the pics. Haha. She’s so cute!

  2. You look amazing Molly. Love your outfit and it’s perfect for Fall. What I’m loving is putting my olive vest over things and wearing them with boots.

    Thank you so much for linking up today. See you next Thursday.



  3. Cute, cute cute! you always inspire me Molly. (even though you’re cheating on me with another scarf supplier, but I forgive 🙂 I was just thinking this morning that I have to stop leaving the house in Old navy running shorts and t-shirts. Must..Not..give…up….

    Got a sassy new short haircut yesterday, and It needs me to dress appropriately! Love your outfit as always you look fresh, young and beautiful!

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