High Five for InstaFriday!

September 27, 2013·


Happy Friday! It has been a busy, awesome, beautiful week here in North Carolina! Hubby and I are getting ready to go on our FIRST road trip with Lilly girl to go visit his hometown in western NC. I’m excited, nervous, etc. for what it’ll be like traveling with a baby. But, I think it’ll go well. We’re excited to show her off. 🙂

Now, what are YOU high fiving this week? Here’s what I’m high fiving:

  1. I grabbed lunch with my dear friend, sorority sister, and former roommate Audra who was in town on business last week. Living in NC away from my high school and college friends can be tough sometimes, so it is always SO SO SO good to see and catch up with an old friend. Those friends you had in your younger days really KNOW you. You know what I mean? Love her.
  2. Morning snuggles with Lilly and Tater. My favorite.
  3. John is in charge of bathtime and it just warms my heart watching those two. Plus, there’s nothing cuter than your husband holding a baby who’s just had a bath and is all snuggly wrapped in a towel.
  4. I’m back working now, but I’m working from home. I have a pack n’ play setup in my office and Lilly hangs out in there while I work. She’s a pretty cute co-worker but is extremely unproductive herself. 😛
  5. Being goofy in the photobooth with my baby. She’s going to be so embarrassed by me one day.

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