Big Dreams and Dreaming Big

October 2, 2013·


This is one of those posts that I’ve toyed with writing for a while, but for some reason or another, something was always holding me back from hitting that “publish” button.

Getting personal and putting your big goals and big dreams out there can be intimidating. Then on Monday, my friend and wedding photographer Katelyn shared a post on her blog that was just the kick I needed. She spoke of her big dreams – both personally and professionally. And she spoke of her fears of putting them out there.

It’s like she was speaking my language.

I mean, writing down your big goals and big dreams is intimidating because like, what if they don’t happen? What if those dreams never come true? What if you never reach those goals? Does that mean you failed? Does that mean you’re just a dreamer and a never-doer? And goodness, what will other people think?

Because whether we like to admit it or not, deep down, we care what other people think.

But, like Katelyn said in her post, if you don’t ever write down your goals and your dreams, then that in and of itself is a risk. You may never know the opportunities that could be afforded to you if you just put it out there.

Am I even making any sense?

So yeah, at the ripe age of 28, I have dreams and I have goals. Big ones. Sure, they may change. I may decide that some (or all) aren’t realistic. Or maybe my focus will shift down the road and my goals and dreams will shift, too.

But, regardless, for right now, here’s a little of what I’m dreaming big (in no particular order):

Some Personal Goals & Dreams:

  • I want to exclusively breastfeed Lilly until she’s at least 6 months old – and from there, I’d like to still continue breastfeeding until she’s about 18 months old
  • I want to get back into a size 8-10 by Lilly’s first birthday – I will ignore the scale because if my clothes are fitting well and I’m feeling healthy – that’s what matters
  • I want to go back to Kenya TWICE within the next 5 years. I know it’s going to be so tough with a little one (and future little ones), but my heart is there. I miss those people. I want to show Lilly what it means to be a servant.
  • When we retire, I want to buy a SWEET RV, rent out our house, and drive all over the country. I want to go to a football game at every SEC school. I want to go to a baseball game in every major stadium. I want to play all the most gorgeous golf courses in America.
  • I want to play golf at Augusta National Golf Course in Georgia. Yes, I know women aren’t allowed to play there, but that’s why it’s a dream. Maybe women will be allowed while I’m still alive.
  • I want to learn to plan an instrument. I’d like to learn the guitar someday… but really, any instrument will do.

Some Professional-ish Goals & Dreams:

  • I want to be an adjunct college professor and teach a class on blogging, personal branding, social media, and navigating adulthood through the digital age. I love teaching, I miss teaching, and I would abso-freaking-lutely LOVE to teach a college class on all the stuff that I love to do.
  • I dream of doing a big brand collaboration with my blog one day. The big brand collaboration I would LOVE to do? I want to design a line of TOMS shoes. Seriously. I want a still being [molly] line of TOMS. I already have like 10 pairs designed in my head. Ballet flats, wedges, and classics. Gorgeous patterns. Bright colors. They’re all there. Know someone who works for TOMS shoes? Tell them to call me.
  • I also want to design a line of scarves. I don’t care who makes them, but I want my own line of scarves! I already have like 15 fabrics picked out. Hahaha! No pressure.
  • I would also love to design a line of cute, fashionable, trendy, and AFFORDABLE nursing wear. Seriously. It is SO hard to dress cute when you have to pop your boob out all the time. There needs to be cute nursing clothes. I would be happy to work with Motherhood Maternity, Target, or heck, anyone to design some.
  • I dream of being able to take this blog full-time. I know that is like the impossible of impossible dreams. But just the thought of being able to write, create, share, dream, photograph, and collaborate for a living? Oh my heart.
  • I want to expand my fashion photography portfolio. I love photography and have so much fun with it, but it’s always been a hobby. I’ve done it part-time for the last year doing sessions for friends, family, and seniors – but I would love to expand that even more. Especially in the world of fashion photography. I love the creativity behind it. I would love to photograph an editorial shoot and see my pictures in a magazine.
  • I want our nursery re-design to be featured on Young House Love or in a magazine. I know pride is ugly, but I’m really proud of our nursery we did for Lilly. I would LOVE to see it on my favorite home blog Young House Love. Seriously. That would be a dream come true!

So yeah, those are just a few of my big dreams and big goals. Some of them are attainable. Some of them are a little out of reach. But I’m throwing them out there. I’m praying about them. There are other dreams brewing within me, but I figure, you gotta start somewhere, right?


What dreams are you dreaming big right now?

Thanks for the inspiration, Katelyn!

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