Fall Fashion - Chambray, Black Jeans, Scarf, Red TOMS


  1. Hi Molly,

    I am having the same closet issue. 🙂

    I have made it back to pre-preggers weight, but my proportions have changed! I am not sure what to do. Also, with the changes of style in 18 months, how much should I purge.

    I don’t have a ton of disposable income for a new wardrobe, so what is the best method for not replacing too much, but still feeling good in my older (maybe not so stylish, maybe not the perfect fit) items.


  2. What an amazingly powerful post! I am JUST finding your blog from a picture I saw on Pintrest. I had my Lily four months ago, and I’m so sad looking at all the clothes I _could_ be wearing if I would just get back to the “old me”. But, I like me. I love my daughter. My body grew her. Thank you for posting.

  3. I think that’s a great idea! You can always clean out your closet and buy more fitting clothes as you change size. Best to wear what fits. Clothes are clothes and no matter the shape or size, there are so many super adorable things out there! Good for you! 🙂

  4. Great perspective! I think well fitting clothes help so much postpartum. Even after loosing the weight, I have found dresses (and it seems to specifically be dresses for me) that don’t fit me correctly anymore. It is as if my rib cage expanded or something. Good luck selling your clothes!

  5. Applause!!! You are doing the right thing for sure. . .”Loving Yourself Right Here, Right Now”. I cannot buy anything without getting rid of something (1 in 1 Out policy) and I’m still carrying around my post-pregnancy weight of 20 years, but I love ME right now and I still get dressed!

  6. Smart idea about getting useful things instead of shiny ones! My body is still changing! Maybe once I’m done having to pick everyone up for whatever reason, it’ll stay the same! I’d get some cute gym clothes while you’re out shopping-so much more comfortable on those long walks and you’re not in schlumpy clothes. And on days when getting dressed is not an option, you can do yoga-chic! And for the no shower thing-I’ve found that bangs are strangely more versatile. I can put on a wide headband and just wash them in the shower. Takes an extra three minutes, including blow dry!

  7. I’ve already started looking through my closet thinking about what might need to go after baby. It is so sad to let things go simply because you’ve entered “mommyhood,” but such is life. And you’re right! Our bodies are amazing and we deserve to feel amazing.

  8. You go, girl! You have the best mindset and you look GORGEOUS now. Your daughter is so lucky to have a Mamma with such a healthy outlook–that will shape her forever!

  9. Just think – the bodies we’ll have in heaven are going to be pretty frickin’ amazing. And we’ll have those a whole lot longer than the temporary ones we have now. 😉 I admire you for embracing the post-baby changes, it’s not an easy thing to do.

  10. This is such a great mindset. Keep focused on the miracle your body just went through and less on the size! When I start to get down on myself, I try to think about how strong my body is and how it allows me to run distances that most people can’t. I may not think my body is perfect, but it’s pretty darn awesome the way it is today.

  11. You go girl. Man looks at outward appearance, but God judges the heart! Your willingness to embrace the body God gave you proves that your heart is his, and it’s in the right place! 🙂

  12. You go Molly! I am a strong believer in accepting your body and moving forward! My weight has not fluctuated from the miracle you created but it has changed the older I get. I love my body now and have given up trying to squeeze into pants from 2 years ago!
    xo, Lee

  13. Molly! I’m so proud of you. I just did this, 14 months after my son was born. I’m proud that you’re taking over now. Clothes make a huge difference in how you feel. Sweats and tees are comfy but so are jeans and a blouse. You’ll always rock if, girl. Love.

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