Cleaning Out My Closet & Embracing the New Me

October 15, 2013·

Fall Fashion - Chambray, Black Jeans, Scarf, Red TOMS

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I’ve been doing some serious closet clean-out over the last few days. If you’re interested in shopping my closet, you can checkout my Instasale account here! I’m posting regular clothes in addition to a few maternity pieces. I’m still hanging on to a few of my favorite maternity pieces to save for future pregnancies, Lord willing. 🙂

You may (or most likely not) be wondering why I’m doing such a huge closet clean-out. After all, most people say to wait at least 6-9 months post-partum before you try and fit into old pre-pregnancy clothes. Nine months on, nine months off.

But, the fact is, that all those pre-pregnancy clothes are doing are just making me sad. Sure, I seriously miss my pre-pregnancy body, but I’ve come to realize that I love this new one. This new body did something amazing. Sure, it’s got stretch marks, and it’s a little wider than I’d like, and I’ve got a belly I’d like to get rid of, etc. etc., but it’s my new body and I’m learning to love it.

I mean, this body housed and built a miracle. It was home to my sweet girl for almost 10 months. Of course it’s not going to look the same.

So, instead of feeling frustrated, sad, and depressed every morning when I try and get dressed, I’m starting over.

I’m embracing this body I have NOW rather than waiting for the one I want.

So, I’m cleaning that closet out. I’m donating a lot and I’m picking some pieces to sell – and then I’m taking what I make from the sales and buying pieces that fit me NOW, fit this body NOW, and make me feel confident and beautiful.

Why be a slave to clothes that don’t fit and don’t make me feel good? That’s the worst.

I’m being intentional this go-around. I’m buying pieces that will serve me in many ways. I’m buying pieces that I can mix and match. And most importantly, I’m buying pieces that will be that confidence boost on those mornings when I just don’t have time to shower and I’m feeling just that tinge of “woe is me.”

Because there’s nothing like the feeling of putting on that blouse, dress, or skirt that just makes you FEEL like you can conquer the world.

Is this WAY too deep of a post surrounding a closet clean-out?

I mean sure, there are a few pieces I’m selling or getting rid of that just break my heart to part with… but that’s okay. At the end of the day. They’re just clothes.

Onward and upward. On to loving this body God gave me and the body that built a baby human.

Because that body is pretty awesome.

In the meantime, go shop my closet! 🙂


What are YOU doing lately to boost your self-confidence?