Seeing the Glass Half-Full and Celebrating the Little Things

October 25, 2013·

Can I be real with y’all for a tick? (As if I’m not already all the time)… I almost didn’t want to do a High Five for Friday post today.

I’ve kinda had one of those weeks where I’ve just felt down. Overwhelmed. In over my head. The little things are adding up and I could feel that I’m just worn out. I’m trying to go at a pace that’s not realistic and I’m trying to do it all.

And sometimes you have to just take a breath and realize that you can’t do it all. And you shouldn’t try to.

So, I’ve spent just a little bit more time in prayer this week and a little bit more time talking with the Lord asking for extra patience, extra grace, and extra all-of-it.

And it’s those moments where that still small voice of the Lord speaks to my heart and says, “Yeah, Molly. You might be tired. You might be overwhelmed. You might be [INSERT X HERE]. But I won’t give you anything I know you can’t handle. And look at all that I’ve blessed you with.”

And that’s when I feel like a turtle who just wants to hide in her shell. I am so blessed and I know that. I know that wallowing in my own self pity for a few days and feeling down is doing no one any good. I’m doing a disservice to myself, to my husband, and to Lilly.

Sure, it’s okay to sometimes just not be okay. But, the fact is, it’s not okay to STAY not okay. So, it’s in those moments where we just gotta pick ourselves up by our own bootstraps, put on our big girl (or boy) pants, and learn from whatever it is that we’re going through.

And to just see the glass as half full. Look at the little things in life. Count the little blessings. Smile at the little moments. And realize how dang lucky we really are.

There. There’s your deep thought for the day. Or month. Whathaveyou.

With that being said, here are the little moments and the little blessings for the week that I’m smiling at:
h54f-oct25_16201. When I get ready in the morning (which is very quickly, I might add), Lilly and Audrey like to hang out with me. Love my girls. Who knows where Tater is? Probably off chewing on a bone while Audrey isn’t looking… haha!

2. I reorganized Lilly’s bow collection. Yes, I realize she has a bajillion bows. In my humble opinion, you can NEVER have too many bows. 🙂

3. I drove up to Petersburg, VA on Wednesday to meet my life-long best friend, her boyfriend, and her mama for lunch. I hadn’t seem them since our wedding (she lives out in Colorado) – and it was SO SO SO good to just catch up, have them meet Lilly, and spend a few hours seeing each other. Love them so much and SO blessed that they’ve been in my life my WHOLE life.

4. Fall walks with my little girl warm my heart.

5. Lilly got to meet her Great GREAT Aunt last weekend. And tomorrow (Saturday), we’re heading to visit John’s grandmother and have Lilly meet her great grandmother AND her great GREAT grandmother! I am so excited that I’ll be able to tell Lilly how she met and spent time with her great GREAT grandmother! How cool is that?

What little moments of your week are making YOU smile?