1. I absolutely adore this thing! I would recommend it to anyone. My hair is shorter and holds curls pretty well so mine tend to be tighter even on the lowest setting. I have those horrible frizzy curls and it takes out all the frizz. I curled mine at night before bed just playing around and they ended up lasting until late the next evening. Bed Bath and Beyond carries it online so you can always use one of those great 20% off coupons!

  2. I love this video!! You are meant for comedy- I laughed the entire way through hahaha. This curler is amazing and I am totally picking it up this week. Your curls look gorgeous!! Love you man!

  3. You have me convinced!! It’s going on the Christmas List haha!! Where is your cardigan from? Love the colour & fabric 🙂

  4. Loved the tutorial. I will certainly consider this if I decide to take on curling my hair again, but somehow as a new mom it’s about the last thing on my list 😉 I’m also encouraged to know the curls are long lasting. I have fine hair but lots of it, so curling takes a ton of time and rarely lasts on me. Thanks for the honest review!

  5. so when you say your hair is hard to curl, how hard are you talking? I have some major jealousy over curls because my hair is so fine and straight that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to curl…is your’s a similar texture?

    1. My hair is really thick as in I have a lot of it, but the strands itself are really thin. I can’t speak to super fine hair – but I have to say that I have had the best results with this. I hope that helps!

  6. What a fantastic review! I love how it has different settings for different curls. The contraption kind of scares me, but it seems like such an easier and quicker way to curl hair than using an iron. Love how it came out on you!

    p.s. the music intro was hilarious.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. I was so curious about this when I saw how awesome your hair came out on instagram (and how nutty the device looks). Loved watching the video!

  8. holy buckets, this is sooo crazy.
    I need to try this, I curl my hair every morning the old fashion way, so It would be cook to do 5 second sections and be done in a small amount of time!

  9. thanks for sharing! i hadn’t even heard of this until recently and i love how natural looking your hair is after using it. maybe i’ll try to pick up one of these the next time we’re stateside. 🙂

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