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November 1, 2013·

Baby Style - Fall Mini Style #fallministyle

It should come as no surprise to you that I am a wee obsessed with my child. Totally fine. Totally normal.

I am also obsessed with dressing her up.

Again, totally fine. Totally normal.

I am a mom. To a girl. And I love fashion. Thus, it is natural.

Now, a lot of you asked me because we did NOT find out the sex of the baby before Lilly was born. I swore we were having a boy. But nope, God saw we thought we had plans and he laughed.  And thus, many of you have asked me how I have so many girly clothes and so many girly bows. And the answer is we are EXTREMELY blessed by so many friends and family who love us AND I just so happen to have two very close friends here who have little girls older than Lilly and so Lilly has gotten SO MANY adorable hand-me-downs. I, myself, have maybe only purchased like two or three outfits for her.

Anyway. I’m rambling.

Well, I saw on Instagram that @aliyarinaldi of Double the Fun blog and @lvdmorethncrrts of I Love You More Than Carrots were hosting a #fallministyle Instagram photo-a-day challenge for the month of October for your wee one.

You can bet your boots I was hopping on that bandwagon. I’ve been doing a photo-a-day challenge on my own to document Lilly’s growth – and this ended up being such a fun way to switch it up for a month!

Anyway. I thought it’d be fun to re-cap Lilly’s #fallministyle looks from the past month. It’s also really cool to see how much she has grown and changed JUST in the last 31 days!

Without further ado, check out the pics and challenges of the month:

1. Stripes // 2. DenimBaby Style - Fall Mini Style #fallministyle3. Plaid // 4. AccessoriesBaby Style - Fall Mini Style #fallministyle5. Cozy // 6. SocksBaby Style - Fall Mini Style #fallministyle7. Animal // 8. Printed (love this chevron onesie – it’s c/o VeryJane!)Baby Style - Fall Mini Style #fallministyle9. Grey // 10. CorduroyBaby Style - Fall Mini Style #fallministyle11. Pajamas // 12. Mama and Mini Baby Style - Fall Mini Style #fallministyle13. Shoes // 14. Colored Denim (or colored leggings… close enough) Baby Style - Fall Mini Style #fallministyle15. Hoodie // 16. Polka Dots Baby Style - Fall Mini Style #fallministyle17. Flannel // 18. Sweater Baby Style - Fall Mini Style #fallministyle19. Black // 20. FootballBaby Style - Fall Mini Style #fallministyle21. Red // 22. Thermal Baby Style - Fall Mini Style #fallministyle23. Skinny Jeans // 24. Boots Baby Style - Fall Mini Style #fallministyle25. Hat // 26. Cardigan Baby Style - Fall Mini Style #fallministyle27. Layers // 28. Pumpkins Baby Style - Fall Mini Style #fallministyle

29. Elbow Patches (this onesie with polka dots on the sleeve was the closest we had) // 30. OrangeBaby Style - Fall Mini Style #fallministyle

31. Costume! (cutest. cow. ever.)Baby Style - Fall Mini Style #fallministyle

Annnnnnd… for your bonus. My dog Audrey always liked to photobomb our little morning photo sessions, and I thought it was hilarious. So, I documented some of those photobombs, too. 🙂 Yes, I’m that mom.Baby Style - Fall Mini Style #fallministyle

I’m a little sad the challenge is over, but that won’t stop me from taking pics of my little one. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Anywho. October was a GREAT month! Love watching my little Lilly grow!

What about y’all? Anything you did this October? Did you participate in #fallministyle with your little one? Are you a fan of Instagram challenges?