1. Extra sleep is the best! And no worries, I’m a sucker for packaging, too. After all, they have marketing specialists working on that stuff!

    Your YouTube video is just adorable. I don’t use my fingers when applying foundation either. I usually use a foundation brush though. I feel like cosmetic sponges always soak up too much of the product. And I put foundation on my eyes if I don’t have shadow primer. It totally helps your eye makeup last all day! I sometimes put it on my lips as well, when I want a lip color to pop.

    I received this same product in a VoxBox. I’m a fan of foundation myself, but honestly haven’t ever been super impressed by Rimmel London products. I liked this foundation at first, but eventually noticed that it seemed to always be a heavy and cakey. (Though that may be due to living in the Florida humidity.)

    ♥Emma, of It’s Emma Elise

  2. I would absolutely love to have an invite to Influensters (did I spell that right ??) For one, I have crazy oily skin and loves to act up whenever I’m in public. Also, you seem to have received this product a full 2 months before it came on the market. I’m not exactly about to turn down an opportunity for free makeup ! Thanks and love your article !!

  3. I would love an invite to Influenster! I recently stopped receiving BirchBox because I wasn’t loving it and would love to try something else out.

  4. I have oily skin and live in a super humid place so I’m always looking for a new foundation that will stay in place and leave a matte finish. Might have to try this one out!


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