Dancing My Way to Losing the Baby Weight

November 14, 2013·

I’ve been talking for months now about how I’m going to lose the baby weight. While I was pregnant, I worked out five, sometimes six or even seven days a week. I was trying my best to stay healthy while I was pregnant so that I’d have an easier labor and delivery, and hopefully an easier recovery.

Well, we all know how that turned out.

But, since having Lilly and having a c-section, getting active again has been really tough. I couldn’t do much physically for the first eight weeks – and since I got approved to really work out again, finding the time, motivation, etc. has been seriously tough.

When you’re taking care of a baby all day, plus trying to work a job from home, plus trying to do laundry / make dinner / keep the house in some sort of order, etc… working out and exercising become less and less of a priority.So, I go for lots of walks with Lilly and I try and get out when I can, but honestly that’s not doing much. And the truth is, physically, I feel awful.

I know. I know. I made a human. But I have to stop making excuses or else I’m just going to continue to feel awful.

So, I’m trying to get creative. I have GOT to find something to do that gets me up and exercising. And something I can do WITH Lilly? Even better.

justdanceThat’s why when the opportunity to try out the new Just Dance 2014 video game by Ubisoft came across my desk I said, “HECK TO THE YES I WILL TRY THIS! LET’S DO THIS!!”

NOTE: I’ve had my Nintendo Wii since I graduated college and I just kind of hung onto it for whatever reason. I honestly haven’t played it in over a year. Probably longer, really. John kept trying to get me to get rid of it, but I wanted to hang on to it. LOL! Now I know why! 🙂

So, when the Just Dance game came in the mail, I busted out my Wii, dusted it off, plugged ‘er in, and got ready to get moving.

I had played the Just Dance game at a friend’s house a few years ago and had a BLAST, so I was excited to try it out again!

I didn’t want to try it out alone, though. So I called up my friend Dani and told her to come over to my house and bring her sweet baby, Elle, and that we were going to do this thing.

So, we got our workout clothes on (aka: yoga pants and t-shirts) and this is what happened:

Ubisoft Just Dance 2014 Video Game Review

Welcome to my living room – baby stuff strewn about and all.

ABOVE LEFT: We set up the game, chose our avatars (I chose this sweet girl with a lightning bolt over her eye and named my avatar MOTEEZY). Dani’s avatar had purple hair and was named CRAZY. Bahaha!

ABOVE RIGHT: We wanted to include our babies, so, we strapped them on and got them ready for action. The babies were LOVING it so far!

Then… we chose our first dance. We decided to give “FLASHDANCE! What a Feeling!” a shot. And oh boy, it was hilarious.Ubisoft Just Dance 2014 Video Game Review

At first we couldn’t figure out how it worked exactly, but then we quickly got the hang of it. Basically, you follow the hand that is lit up on your player. Whatever that player is doing, that’s what you do! And, using your Wii controller, make sure whatever hand that Wii controller is in matches what the avatar is doing on the screen.

Hilarity then ensued. Ubisoft Just Dance 2014 Video Game Review

But seriously, we had SO MUCH FUN! Then we decided to dance to “Prince Ali” from Aladdin! The Just Dance game has songs from movies all the way to the most popular pop songs of today (Justin Bieber, Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, etc.) Ubisoft Just Dance 2014 Video Game Review

Seriously though. As awkward as these photos are (which I’m fully aware they are) – we had SO MUCH FUN! We danced to a bunch of songs and wore our babies the whole time. The babies had a BLAST. Elle was cracking up and laughing at us. Lilly LITERALLY fell asleep in the carrier. Hahaha! She passed right out after about 20 minutes of me dancing around like a fool, but before that she was smiling and giggling up a storm. She loved it.

I took a video of us dancing, but the awkward hilariousness is even too much for me to handle and post. You’re just going to have to trust me.

Ubisoft Just Dance 2014 Video Game Review

No joke though, dancing around my living room wearing the babies and playing the Just Dance game was a SERIOUS workout. ESPECIALLY while carrying the babies – you have to be much more aware of your center of gravity with the baby strapped on.Ubisoft Just Dance 2014 Video Game Review

This is definitely something I can see myself doing a couple times a week. I had SO much fun (Dani did, too!), got to play the game with my baby, and I’d worked up a good sweat by the end of the game. I look forward to exercising with Lilly and this game! Seriously! Here’s hoping… right? Right.

You can check out the Ubisoft blog for videos, news, updates, and tips on the Just Dance game. And, if you’re interested in buying the Just Dance 2014 game (it’s available on Wii, Wii U, PS3, PS4, XBox One, and XBox 360 Kinect), you can buy it on Amazon.com or through GameStop.com.

Glad I kept my Wii after all. 😛

What about you? What fun ways are you exercising these days? Have you played Just Dance before? Will you check this game out? I’d love to know!

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