1. I hearrrrr you on this one! It is really hard to be around negativity. When gossip happens at work, I refuse to participate. I love the quote “Gossip is the devil’s music. Don’t be his DJ”. Its so true! We are all lucky to be alive and live these great lives – we need to appreciate it and be happy!

  2. I needed this today Molly! My light has not been shining!! My daughter, on the other hand, had the opportunity to witness to other students in her class yesterday. I pray over her every night and ask God to keep her close to Him. She explained Revelation to some fellow jr high students – not easy for a 12 year old. Nothing makes me feel more blessed than my sweet girl walking with her savior. Susan

  3. I. LOVE. THIS. And have been feeling the exact same way lately. How have I been shining my light? Saying that I like my job. In the public schools in NC. I’m annoyed with the politics, duh. But I’ve got it pretty darn good. So here it is… I LIKE MY JOB!!! Ha, once I’m actually at work, my light is obnoxiously saying “WELCOME TO BREAKFAST HAPPY FRIDAY!” to the kiddos as they walk in. And, also, laughing at their ridiculously immature jokes instead of rolling my eyes. Yay middle school :]

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