Shine Your Light

November 22, 2013·

I find that sometimes, there’s just too much negativity in the world.

There’s too much cynicism. There’s too much ‘woe is me.’ There’s too much wahhh wahhh wahh.

I get it. Life is tough sometimes. Heck, life is tough a lot of times.

But we’ve got to start being the LIGHT to the world. In the world. We’ve got to start building each other up instead of breaking each other down.

We’ve got to learn to take ourselves a little less seriously.

And we’ve got to learn to appreciate the little things. The little moments.

And that’s what today is… just like I do (most) Fridays, it’s my chance to appreciate the little moments. And shine my light… or something.

What about you? What are you doing to shine YOUR light?

Here are my moments of the week:h54f-11-22_1828

1. & 2. This girl. I can’t get enough of her. Her funny faces. Her silly smiles. Her hilarious giggles. All of it. She is the light in MY world.

3. My friends and I went to see Hillsong United on Monday. It was SERIOUSLY an amazing night of music and worship and it was exactly what I needed. A night away with my sweet friends and a night to just focus on Him.

4. Snapped this photo at church on Sunday. Our husbands with their baby girls. It warms my heart to see how much these daddys love their daughters.

5. Miss thang decided she wanted to hold her bottle herself. Well, alright then. Let’s slow down, time, shall we?

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