1. I have found a rose pink sweater that I am obsessed with! So I know the feeling. Great top! Great Price! I may need to visit to go shopping with you. You always find great deals!

    ♥ Jasmine

  2. It is a great top (at a great price). I think the yellow mixed with white make it especially loveable. I’ve just picked up a couple of pieces thrifting that I think I am going to love to pieces! It’s always nice to have special pieces. Thanks so much for hosting.

  3. Great outfit Molly. What a great deal on that top!!! I totally agree that Anthropologie is very expensive. Right now i’m loving my leather leggings!!!!!!!! Have a great week and first Thanksgiving with Lilly!!!!!



  4. I love finding those surprises at Anthro! I got a dress there a few years ago for $29 that had been $200. Love it. Those have to be returns from online orders, right?

    That’s a beautiful top!

  5. Your intricate yellow top is beautiful. And I love the Blazer. I linked up something colorful today, also. =)

    If we don’t talk before Molly, Happy Thanksgiving to you & your Family. It is Lilly’s first. =) It is Vivian’s first Thanksgiving also. Check out the blog to see the latest from me and the baby. =)

    <3 Ada.

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