1. One of the things I don’t look forward to at all about Christmas is the shopping. I don’t like crowds, I don’t shop sales, and nothing will make me into one of those Black Friday campers I so gleefully mock. I am a guy in this respect too. I do not browse. I search and destroy. I get what I came for and get out. But I don’t enjoy it. Unless it involves good company, and this is where my friends Chris and Mike come into it.

    The year that Chris and Kristi got married – right before Mike and Lindsay got married that January (This was the year of three Bachelor Parties hosted by yours truly) – Chris organized the first of what has become an annual tradition – The Husbands Go Shopping for their Wives Day. Chris plays chauffeur, picks up me, we go to the Southside and grab Mike if Mike can make it (and he’s only been able to go twice in the four years we have been doing this, unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts), and then hit some of our favorite places. Our wives are all voracious readers, so Barnes and Noble always ends up featuring in the mix, as does the big FYE near Pembroke, and then we’ll wrap up at Best Buy or something similar, getting food somewhere along the way. It’s great for the company, and for the ability to consult on ideas for our respective spouses, and, as I tend to be something of an impulsive spendthrift, for a check on my tendency to overdo it. I’m such a huge proponent of this Christmas Tradition that I have taken to organizing it myself just to make sure it happens – it turns shopping, something I dislike doing at best, into the high point of my Holiday Preparations. I’d highly recommend it to any women reading this with non – shopping spouses – make a guy’s day of it, and the shopping will get done and a good time will be had along the way.

  2. Haha we always have a Koskores (my maiden name) cousin Christmas Party, and it’s a White Elephant party! So fun!!! I love those socks and the Owl Be Home For Christmas tee!

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