1. Love the videos! I love being/living frugal so I love that some of your products are “drug store prices” . Right up my alley 😉

  2. Molly, I always look forward to your videos! I always find them to inspiring and fun!

    I too use the Tree Hill scrub and L.O.V.E. it! It leaves you really so soft and clean. Let us know what you think of the Bath and Body Works scrub.


  3. 1. Your eye shadow looks amazing! Teach me.

    2. You make me smile and laugh.

    3. You know you can take all those empties to Origins at Southpoint, right? They’ll give you a little trial size of something. I just like taking my empties of every beauty product there knowing they recycle containers the regular city recycling doesn’t. I take it all from hair spray cans to lotions to deodorant containers.

    4. Love that you are recording in your bathroom.

    5. My latest empties (had to go to my bag I keep behind my bedroom door waiting to go to Origins) are Kenra Volume 25 spray, philosophy amazing grace body butter, Cover Girl LashBlast mascara. Love ’em all.

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