1. I used Kushies with my son for a few months. They are made in Canada and I actually live about 20 min from the factory. They sell ‘seconds’ at their factory outlet for about $5 per diaper! I’m pregnant now 6 years later and bought used Kushies from kijiji.ca (like a Canadian Craigslist). I got about 40-50 diapers for $100! Can’t wait to use all the cute CD when my baby girl is born in 1 month! I plan on using flats with a snappi and cover until she fits in the AIO’s. Hoping they work for the first few weeks!

  2. Great read and very informative! I’ve tried reading other blogs about the different cloth diapers and this one was SOO much easier for my brain to follow. I didn’t get bored and overwhelmed after a paragraph! I still have a ways to go before #3 gets here (I used disposables on my 4 and 5 year old) but want to make sure I have a good idea of what is out there. Will be following your series! Thanks!

  3. We are BG AIO lovers too! I tried pockets and fitted and just hated the stuffing of diapers. We get so many compliments on our diapers and people have been amazed with how simple they work. And the new designs are great! Jules just arrived last week. My only regret is that I didn’t CD with my first two, 11 and 9 years ago.

  4. I cloth diaper my twins in prefolds and covers and love them. I used pockets with my older child and had leaking out the leg holes for months (BG 3.0s) also stuffing pockets was time consuming. I had AIOs on loan but my babies soaked through them since they were very heavy wetters but the prefolds have always held it all. Just want to offer to your readers that some people really love prefolds, even after using a more expensive system. We’ve never purchased disposable diapers and have been cloth diapering for 23 months.

  5. Another winner of a post, Molly! When we have a baby, we’re definitely planning to cloth diaper – this post was so thorough! I had no idea that there were just THAT many different options! Thank you for laying them out! I’m really glad that cloth diapering is going so well for you, too 🙂

  6. It’s always neat to hear someone’s experience with cloth diapers. I used mostly pockets with my two, but did really like flats for the newborn phase. It was so easy to get a good fit on a tiny but quickly growing baby.

  7. This is so interesting. I don’t have any plans right now for a baby, but I am considering this! Like another commenter mentioned, I’ve just never known anyone to do it. I’m excited to read Jan 21 and Jan 28th post!

  8. A mama after my own heart! Girl, I did a massive amount of research when I started cloth diapering because I didn’t know anyone doing it. Well… I still don’t, really! Just you and a friend whom I helped get started cloth diapering her first child. Anyways! We started with prefolds, snappis, and Thirsties velcro covers because we were so broke when we had our first baby. I slowly built up a collection of used diapers and have tried nearly every kind. The only ones we never tried flats, hybrids, and AIO’s. My favorite ended up being pockets, but honestly if we could have afforded AIO’s I’m sure those would have been my faves. We had one AI2 that I purchased super cheap from someone online and it was nice. The AIO’s seem like the most convenient.

    If we ever have a fourth baby, I’ll probably go with prefolds and covers again because that would be the cheapest for us to replace. We have a TON of prefolds that just need covers (we were cloth diapering our two sons at the same time, so we needed a lot of dipes at that time). The pocket diapers we’ve been using for Izzie at night are about to crap out on us (pun intended. ha). The PUL is looking a little sketchy, so I don’t foresee those being used for another baby.

    1. I just thought the gdiapers system was weird and Lilly leaked in them every time. they were confusing to use at first and I just felt the quality wasn’t as great as the other ones I used. I know some moms loooove gdiapers but I just didn’t. :-/

  9. You know I love cloth diapering! I prefer pockets or all in two…like to keep it as slim a possible under their clothes and the fast drying time. GREAT post Molly!! You are rockin the cloth diapering!!

  10. I cloth diaper and prefer pockets so I can add absorbency when needed. I have two in cloth so it’s easier for me. I think if I had All in ones my husband would be more on board but he does try. I’m getting tired of stuffing and my two like to terrorize piles so it’s time to teach them to stuff and/or potty train. 😉 I have the sustainablebabyiah in chevvies Jackie and got it because I wanted the cute diaper…lol. I also have a few WAHM digress but only because it’s hard to pass up the cute prints.

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