Three Things Every Super Bowl Party Needs

January 22, 2014·
still being molly: - I'm a Cleveland Browns fan and I don't care who knows it
My love for football started early.

If you know me in real life or have been reading this blog for a while, you are well aware of my LOVE for the game of football.

I. Love. Football.

More specifically, I love the Cleveland Browns. It’s somewhat of an unrequited love, yes, but a love that goes deep to my core nonetheless. I’ve discussed my love for the Browns many a time on this blog. And here.

Well, I am fully aware that the chances of me EVER witnessing my beloved Browns make it to the Super Bowl are about as good as Mr. Bean ever winning an Academy Award. Nothing against physical comedy… but you know. However, that won’t stop me from watching the BIGGEST football game of the year and watching it in large fashion.

Super Bowl parties are some of my favorite parties every year! Hanging out with friends, eating good food, and watching football – THAT is my kind of fun.

Now, there are three things that every Super Bowl party needs to make it that much more of an awesome Super Bowl party. These are not the ONLY three things that a Super Bowl party needs, these are just my favorite three things. Mmkay?

1. Football attire. Even though the Browns aren’t in the Super Bowl, I will still sport my vintage Bernie Kosar jersey, because I can. I have to represent. I understand that some women like to “look cute” for a Super Bowl party… and that’s not to say you shouldn’t do your hair and throw on some blush, but let’s be real. It’s a football watching party. Put on a jersey or a t-shirt and jeans and call it a day.

…Mad at something… I am not sure what, honestly.


2. Delicious snacks. Sure, you can spend all day making fun snacks (and you should), but my personal favorite is some good old fashioned homemade chips and salsa.

You should make my Tortilla Factory salsa recipe for your Super Bowl party this year. Seriously. You should. You will thank me later.

THE Tortilla Factory Salsa Recipe - Best Salsa Recipe. EVER.

Because there are people out there a whole lot more creative than me… if you want to make some really cute “Super Bowl” themed snacks, there are some really fun ones here. Like these football strawberries? HOW CUTE IS THAT?!

image via
image via

3. A good cause. You might be asking me… huh?! A good cause? What do you mean? Well, every year my church does “SOUP-er Bowl Sunday” on Super Bowl Sunday where we collect canned goods for the local foodbank.

Well, I got to thinking and HOW COOL would it be if for your OWN Super Bowl party this year, you asked your friends and family (or whoever is coming over for your party) to bring a couple non-perishable canned food items that you can donate to a local shelter or foodbank. You can have your own mini SOUP-er Bowl Sunday! So many people are in need this time of year, what a way to give back!

And okay, so canned food won’t work for you, but how about everyone cleans out their closets and brings coats and blankets to donate to a shelter or rescue mission? Sky is the limit!

4. “Fun” bets. Okay, I know I said three things in the headline, but my husband and I were talking about prop bets earlier today and it might be fun if you had some fun “prop” bets with the people at your party.

Like, everyone places their bets for how long the National Anthem is going to be. Or how many times the word “football” is said, etc. etc. Everyone could pitch in for a fun prize and the winner gets the prize.

What fun “prop” bet ideas could you come up with?

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