To Tithe or Not to Tithe? Trusting God with your finances.


  1. Hi Molly!!!!

    I came across this post yesterday, and I think this is an amazing story! God is so awesome! I was trying to find a post on pinterest to help my friend better understand tithing and why its so crucial for people in debt to tithe, and while I am sure it helped her out, I feel like it was a message I needed to hear also. Being out of college for over a year and still not having a career yet has me really tight on money and while I still tithe faithfully, this message gives me hope for when I feel like I am struggling financially. I also feel convicted that I should start tithing my gross income now. Thanks so much!


  2. Saved this for today because I knew better than to try and watch it at work. As always I’m moved to tears by your story and seeing how the Lord is at work in your life. God is able!! I love this so much and it’s a great reminder of how much we can do when we’re willing to trust that God will do for us what we know he’ll do for others. Thank you for always sharing your story with us.

  3. I have no words at how touch I am by your story–no only the video–but I went back and read your testimony. I can relate to so much of it–and the fact that your put it all out there in the blogging world is so inspiring. It is a true testament to your faith in God and how he is at the forefront of your life 🙂 I just love it!


  4. YOU are AWESOME! I SO look to your story for inspiration, as I seek to be more financially responsible and get out of debt myself. Love your story. Love your blog!

  5. Ahhhhhhh! Molly! I’m in tears after watching your testimony! I love how God is using you! Praying for you, John, and Miss Lilly, as you continue to follow the path that God has laid out for you. You are awesome!

  6. Thanks for sharing your story. Tithing is definitely something that I struggle with. I can relate to all of those feelings of depression, loneliness and hopelessness that you mentioned. You are an inspiration.

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