Polka Dots on a Baby are the BEST Kind of Polka Dots

January 24, 2014·

Mama and Baby Mama and Baby

Lilly’s Bow & Leg Warmers: Target | Onesie: Carter’s for Wal-mart

We’re only a week into Lilly being five months old and homegirl is changing ON THE DAILY. Seriously. Her development is like going through the roof. She is rolling ALL over the place, she is reaching for and grabbing EVERYTHING (including my hair as evidenced by a picture below…), she is protesting when I walk out of the room, she is just so generally interested in all that is around her. It’s really amazing to watch.

Being a mom to her is pretty dang awesome and really fun. Seriously. Sure, there are hard parts of parenting – absolutely. But being her mom is SO much fun. John and I love being parents!

And, I am not ashamed in the slightest to say that dressing a little girl is so. much. fun. I would have been overjoyed if we’d had a boy, no doubt, but I can’t deny the fact that dressing a little girl is kinda the best.

And I’m also happy to say that I think she loves it too… I mean, right? Right. Why wouldn’t she? 😉

Mama and Baby

I really wish she hadn’t been moving at the speed of light in that picture on the right… I LOVE it. Mama and Baby

Kisses for mommy (aka: trying to latch onto my nose and get milk out… or something). Also, note the hair grab. This hurts. She pulls hard!Mama and Baby

Anyway. That’s just a little update in the life of us and a little daily cute for you.

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