Feeling Glam

January 25, 2014·

Getting “red-carpet glam” isn’t exactly something I get to do very often these days… if ever, really. As much as I LOVE getting dressed up, doing my hair, makeup, nails, and heading out to a nice dinner or a fancy event, it just doesn’t seem to be in the cards lately. And that’s okay!

I found myself in a serious rut the first couple of months after Lilly was born. I was having a tough time getting motivated to get dressed every day and doing my hair and makeup was a rare occurrence. Showering was a luxury. Washing my hair was happening 2-3 times a week TOPS. Shaving my legs? Uhmmmm… yeah. Gross, I know. I swear it wasn’t THAT bad…

But yeah, I just didn’t feel MYSELF. I didn’t feel beautiful. I didn’t feel awesome. And I HATED it. And one morning I looked in the mirror and told myself to “SNAP OUT OF IT. Seriously. Quit feeling sorry for yourself, Molly!” If I don’t like the way I look or feel, then WHY am I doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results? I believe, ladies and gents, that THAT is the definition of INSANITY.

So I’ve spent the last couple of months really trying to make a change for the better. I’m getting into more of a “routine” with Lilly, if you will. I’m trying to MAKE the time for myself… to shower (for longer than 5 minutes), wash my hair, shave my legs, blow dry and curl my hair, put on makeup, get dressed… and FEEL good – feel like myself – feel like a human being again.

You know?

Well, what am I really trying to get at here?

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that you don’t have to do THAT MUCH to really make a huge difference in your attitude and the way you feel.

Now, I love LOVE love love LOVEEE watching the pre-show red carpet stuff before awards shows. The awards shows themselves I can take or leave depending on who is hosting, who is performing, what the award show is, etc… but the pre-show red carpet stuff I eat up! Why? Because I LOVE the fashion, I LOVE the beauty (the hair and makeup!), I love the interviews – I love it all. And, I secretly dream of one day being able to experience that myself. Not being a celebrity waiting to accept an award, but just the chance to get TOTALLY dolled up (by someone else), wear a SUPER expensive, gorgeous, one-of-a-kind dress and jewelry that are borrowed, and hit the red carpet feeling and looking like a million dollars.

Do you know what I mean? Does anyone else share this dream with me? Am I the only one? Bueller?

The super kind people at P&G Beauty sent me over a few of their products to test out and try out to help me achieve a little bit of that feeling of glam that I kinda dream of.

On a separate, but somewhat related P&G note… have you SEEN this P&G commercial for the 2014 winter Olympics? Get the tissues, y’all. Oh man. I boo-hooed. It was an ugly cry.

Back to what I was saying… So, if you’re not familiar with P&G, they are the makers of a TON of brands that you and I use every day… Clairol, Secret, Olay, Covergirl, Crest, Pantene, Herbal Essences, etc.

P&G Red Carpet Glam #ad

1. Pantene Rehab Cream / 2. Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Moisturizer / 3. Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant / 4. Crest Whitestrips / 5. Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Heat Protectant Spray / 6. Covergirl Bombshell Mascara / 7. Olay Sensitive Body Wash / 8. Gillette Venus Olay Razers / 9. Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo

So, if you’re someone like me, and you know that you’re not really going to be heading to any red-carpet events anytime soon, BUT, you want to still FEEL like a million bucks, there are definitely a few things that can help you get there…

*Now, I have not had a chance to try all the things they sent me yet (I’m excited to, though!), so I’m not gonna talk about the items I know nothing about… hope that’s okay! 🙂

P&G Red Carpet Glam #ad

1. Mascara! It is absolutely no secret I love me some mascara. Mascara is EASILY my most favorite makeup item. By a LANDSLIDE. And I’m a HUGE fan of Covergirl mascaras… so I was PUMPED to put the new Bombshell volume mascara to the good ol’ mascara test. Because let’s be honest, a good mascara can take you from feeling “BLAH” to feeling “BAM!” in like 2.5 seconds.

The Bombshell mascara is a TWO step mascara… one side is to volumize and one side is to define.P&G Red Carpet Glam #ad

So here is the BEFORE mascara and AFTER mascara results… (sorry the coloring of my face is different… I dunno what happened to the lighting. Woops.)P&G Red Carpet Glam #ad

A closeup…P&G Red Carpet Glam #ad

Both eyes with…

P&G Red Carpet Glam #ad

Overall I am SUPER impressed with the mascara… I don’t love the packaging because it’s super bulky, but the mascara does NOT disappoint. I am way on my way to feeling glam with this stuff…


2. Deodorant. No one feels glam with sweaty pits. AMIRIGHT?! Right. I’ve been a Secret deodorant user for YEARS and I’ve LOVED the clinical strength stuff. It smells awesome, it stays on all day, and I don’t feel disgusting after wearing it for a few hours. If you’re going to try and feel glam, you’re gonna need some deo. There are no before and afters of this because let’s be real… you don’t need to see my pits.


3. Smooth Skin. Okay. Let’s have another honest moment here… who feels pretty when you have hairy legs (or armpits)? No one. Unless you’re a dude. I’ve been a Gillette Venus user for years too, and this razor with Olay is AWESOME because you don’t even need shaving cream. You just need water. And it WORKS. Smooth skin city. I’m also not going to show you a before and after picture of this one because well, that would be awkward.


4. Purty Hair. As much as I would LOVE to wash my hair everyday… many times it’s just not in the cards. I discovered dry shampoo during my pregnancy and my world was changed. Although I’d been pretty loyal to another kind of dry shampoo, lately I haven’t been loving it and have been on the hunt for a new brand. I was SUPER pumped to get this one by Herbal Essences and give it a shot because I love Herbal Essences and have used their regular shampoo and conditioner regularly over the years. And let me say, this dry shampoo is AWESOME. It isn’t OVERLY scented, but leaves your hair feeling clean and fresh and gives me another day between washings. I. Am. A. Fan. Also don’t have a before and after of this because, well, it would be kinda tough to really show…

So yeah. A good mascara, clean smelling armpits, smooth skin, and pretty hair are four pretty easy and simple things you can (and SHOULD) be doing to make yourself feel just a little bit more glam. ‘Naw mean?

What about you? What simple things do you do to help you feel just a little bit more glam? Have you tried any of the other products I haven’t had a chance to try yet? Which do you love? What’s your favorite mascara? What award show(s) do you love? What’s your favorite part of the pre-show red carpet stuff? SO MANY QUESTIONS! I must know. 🙂

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.