1. Your posts about cding make me want to cry with excitement (or is that pregnancy hormones making me want to cry?!) I was really debating but you make it look so easy. I am intimidated with the laundry only because I work outside of the home part time. (This is one of those times where every mother needs a “laundry fairy”!!) Thanks for putting so much work into research so that I can feel better about my decision!

    1. I am SO SO SO glad you are finding this helpful!! That was my goal in sharing. I am definitely a SUPER detailed person and the more information the better (at least for me). You can totally do it, mama!!!!

  2. Loving this series so far. Thanks so much for sharing the products that you are using. Just FYI , I pinned the first post of this series and it has been repinned nearly 400 times!

  3. Thank you for these awesome posts Molly! I have seriously considered cloth diapering for when we start to have kids, and while sometimes it really intimidates me, I’m determined to do it thanks to bloggers like you who show all of your tips and tricks! This is going to be SO helpful one day. Thanks for sharing! Pinning this now 🙂

  4. I’ve never even thought about cloth diapers on the go, but this a great post to cover all of that. Anything becomes routine (and easier) once you get the hang of it, I’m sure. And a Disney cruise sounds so great!! That will be awesome.

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