1. I got this vox box, too. I was disappointed in the wear-ability. I had chips and the color dulled after just a couple days. I really liked the color and the brush, though!

  2. I have been using for a few years and liked it better than OPI and was cheaper. Pat on the black is a great color. I have a lot of their polishes and agree on the top coat too. I need to get better about polishing my finger nails and not just my toe nails.

  3. Agreeing with MC – everyone needs Pat on the Black. It’s a collection essential for me! And I also agree that their topcoat is the best, it’s going to be the one nail polish I’ve ever managed to completely empty because it’s that good. Sally Hansen is a win for me.

  4. I LOVE Pat on the Black. I am currently wearing it and it is definitely my go to color! I do always have to do two coats, but I tend to always do two coats to get an even color. I agree, I also really like the brush.

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