Fashion & Style | Junie Blake Corrine dress, LOFT denim jacket, Nononsense tights, TOMS wedge booties


  1. This is such a great idea! I have a 7 week old, and have been really struggling to find clothes that work while I still have a tummy. Great suggestion!

  2. You look amazing in this dress! I have been considering have my denim hemmed. I am on the shorter side and have noticed my jeans bunching at the ankle in my blog photos. I have never in my life had something hemmed but I think that may be the best way to keep classic pieces in your wardrobe!! Susan

  3. Love this dress and love, love, love lee’s tailors! I think 90% of my wardrobe/investment pieces have been tailored there 🙂 I have been getting my clothes altered since high school to make anything fit right, even bathing suits! And I recently just went through my closet getting rid of anything I didn’t like, including the “I may like it in another couple of years” pieces that seem to creep into my closet bc of a good sale. I still buy some trendy pieces but very few – basic/classics are honestly what I feel best in, so that’s what I’m sticking with 🙂

  4. BEAUTY! I love everything about these photos. And I think you are a wise woman to invest in what fits well and is timeless. How amazing it feels to purge!

  5. You look fantastic. I LOVE this dress. I’m starting to wonder if some of the items in my closet will ever fit right again regardless of what my weight does. My body is just so different now.

  6. I so understand what you mean! You’ve seen my legs, they are endless. Sad part is anything above the knee looks Way short on me, giving a look I don’t want! I have a heck of a time finding a dress that covers up top and is long enough. I am a big supporter of tailoring!
    You look SO fab and this dress is totally you!
    xo, Lee

  7. Girl, that dress is gorgeous! It would’ve been a shame to not alter it, and then not be able to wear it! Dresses are so finicky. I have a really hard time finding ones that fit my shoulders AND my hips.

  8. LOVING this dress. I actually purged my closet yesterday. Now that I’m preggo again, I realized there were things in my closet I hadn’t worn in close to a year, and it will be close to another 2 years before I’d likely fit in it again, so bye bye! and hello to maternity clothes for the next 7 months!

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