Lilly in Lilly

February 7, 2014·


Lilly’s dress: Lilly Pulitzer | Headband: GroopDealz | (and in case you’re wondering, she’s wearing a Baltic amber teething necklace)

It’s no secret I love Lilly Pulitzer. So when people ask me if I named our Lilly after Lilly Pulitzer, I don’t say YES, but I also don’t say NO. Hahaha. Just kidding. No, we didn’t name our Lilly after Lilly Pulitzer – that just is a happy coincidence. Honestly.

BUT, while our Lilly shares the namesake with Lilly Pulitzer, it is fun to dress my little Lilly in Lilly. I also am fully aware that Lilly little girl clothes are not cheap. I have been SUPER lucky and have found some A-DORABLE little Lilly dresses for RIDICULOUSLY good prices at consignment shops, resale stores, and eBay. They’re just the perfect special occasion dresses and spring dresses and anytime of year dresses. I can’t WAIT till it really warms up and Lilly gets to wear her Lilly. 🙂

Haha is that meta?

Lilly in Lilly #babystyle

bahahaha LOVE this picture:Lilly in Lilly #babystyle Lilly in Lilly #babystyle Lilly in Lilly #babystyle

Sometimes I second guess myself when I have so much fun dressing this sweet girl of mine. I don’t know what it is. But then I just think about the fact that she’s only this age and this size for so long… and sure, she won’t remember all these silly times, but I will. And I’ll have pictures to document.

I am just trying to treasure every single little detail and every single little moment – as silly as it may seem at the time – even like dressing my little Lilly in a Lilly dress.

What little things are you treasuring lately?

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