Tar Heel Born

February 21, 2014·


As much as I’d love for this to be an outfit post WITH Lilly, this week “outfits” for me just haven’t been in the cards. So, therefore, I subject you to (too many) cute pictures of my baby in Carolina garb.

No, I did not go to The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC)… but my husband did. And we live in Chapel Hill. So, therefore, our baby is going to be raised a Tar Heel fan. Although, I went to Christopher Newport University (CNU) and I like to think of CNU as the dyslexic version of UNC. You know? You know.

As I type this, UNC is currently playing Duke in basketball. Biggest rivalry in college athletics. Arguably the biggest rivalry in all of sports. GO. TAR. HEELS.

EDITED AT 11:30pm TO ADD: we won! Good day to be a Tar Heel.

I’m just glad that Lilly is still at an age where she will let me take 1,001 pictures of her.

Here she is examining a leaf:

…and here she is eating said leaf. Don’t worry, I promptly removed the leaf from her grasp. She did not ingest the leaf.

Huge thanks to the sweet Carrie of Caroline G. shop for Lilly’s Carolina bow!

And I wanted Lilly to at least have a little piece of CNU… so here she is with my little CNU beanie baby beaver-or-something. I don’t know why it’s a beaver. CNU’s mascot is the Captain. Oh well.

Apparently this is what she thinks of CNU. 🙁Thanks for humoring my excessive picture taking of my sweet girl. I love being able to capture these little moments.

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