Floral - yellow and fuschia


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  2. Oh Molly, you are making me long for spring with these colors!! Of course, I’ve been long awaiting it’s arrival all way back to the onset of winter but this outfit definitely didn’t help! 😉 These colors look gorgeous on you and I am loving that fun little clutch!

    High Heels and Training Wheels

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  4. Loving your floral print blouse. Beautiful and colorful.

    Hope you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend.


  5. Molly thank you so much for featuring my Google+ tips post!! Really nice surprise to see that there this morning. Plus the colours of your top are stunning… so pretty and perfect for spring! Oh, springtime – pleeeeease hurry up…!!

    Have a great week hun 🙂

    Catherine x

  6. Alex and I have been looking at houses a little bit, since we’re hoping to buy one next year. It’s certainly a tough thing!

  7. I seem to gravitate toward tanks and cardigans too. It is just a simple, but cute, outfit that can go anywhere. I love the floral print! I linked up today with a fabric give away! I think I may be a fabric hoarder(: Have a great week! Susan

  8. Thank you so much for featuring DIY bottle cork boat. What an honor! I enjoy your #fundaymonday link up and have met most of my friends from it :). Beautiful spring look and also praying that God brings the perfect house for your sweet family. Also that yours sales in a flash. Rachel

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