For the Mamas | Cloth Diapering 101: Cloth Diapering FAQs & Resources

February 25, 2014·

Okay, this time I swear I’m really actually starting to kinda sorta wrap up this cloth diapering series. For now. 🙂 I’ve gotten so many great comments and emails from so many of you that found this helpful and gave you a lot of the information you were looking for! HUZZAH! Mission accomplished.

Here’s your catch up for where we are and where we’ve been:

So today I’m just answering a few of the questions I’ve gotten more often that haven’t really been addressed in another post and I’m also sharing my FAVORITE cloth diapering blogs and resources… they are the bomb!

“Other” Cloth Diapering FAQs

How many diapers do I need?” For a newborn you’re going to change about 12-20 diapers A DAY. Lilly now gets her diaper changed about 5-7 times a day. I have 24 of my BumGenius AIOs and that’s a good number. I think anywhere between 20 and 30 is IDEAL, but I do know people who have gotten by on less.

“What about going swimming?” They do make cloth swim diapers, too! Almost all brands have a “swim” version… The regulation is that the diaper just has to hold in #2…

“What about #2? And stains?” See this post.

“So, do you ever use disposables?” Haha yes! We use disposables when we go to church (our church nursery won’t change cloth diapes) and we use disposables for some babysitters… it just depends on whether the babysitter is comfortable with cloth or not. We also will be taking sposies on our cruise next week. No way are we traveling with cloth for five days.

“This is too confusing, can’t I just take a class?” Yes, actually! Do some research to see if there is a cloth diapering store in your area. Most, if not ALL, stores or boutiques that specialize in cloth diapering will offer a Cloth 101 class. Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique and the Birth Center here in the Triangle area offer free classes!

Where is the best place to buy cloth diapers?” If there isn’t a boutique that sells cloth near you, I’d look at a couple places online.,, Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique, and are good places to start! They often run specials and deals, too. If you’re looking to buy used, Craigslist is great as well as Cloth Diaper Trader, eBay, and Re-Diaper are awesome.

My Favorite Cloth Diapering Resources

This is the MECCA of Cloth Diapering resourcesThe Cloth Diaper Asylum Facebook Group. Chat with THOUSANDS of other moms about all things cloth.

Great Cloth Diapering Discussion Forums:

Some of my favorite cloth diaper blogs:

Hopefully you find some of these helpful! Let me know in the comments below other questions you have or other resources you know and love!