Denim jacket, black jeans, blue blouse, sneakers


  1. Molly, I feel the same way as you about footwear! I NEVER wear heels (I don’t even own a pair…), and I wear wedges on occasion, but for the most part I’m always in boots, ballet flats, or TOMS. I do love a good pair of sneakers as well (Chuck Taylors, Pumas, and Roos are my jam)! This reminds me that I need to get another pair of sneakers. I had gotten rid of most of my sneakers when I graduated from college, but now I’m feeling the need to get another pair or two…

  2. I used to be all about the puma sneakers. Then I wore them one day and they gave me horrible blisters and I was scared to wear them ever again. Womp womp. But I’m still a converse girl and probably always will be!

    Your posts stopped showing up in my Feedly (not just yours though, so I don’t think it’s anything on your end) so I’ve been missing out and that makes me very sad. I may have to fully switch to blog lovin if this keeps up. Grr. But your hair looks great here!

  3. I do love your outfit! I agree, it has an 80s vibe! We all have to have our own style otherwise we would all look the same….me, I LOVE heels, the higher, the better! I love the way a heel makes me feel – tall (I’m short), powerful and sexy. I think it makes the leg look long and lean and adds strut to your walk. I am a short curvy girl, not the tall think woman in the heel ads, but who cares. I love to rock a pair. You look great in the footwear you rock! 😉

  4. I love sneakers, I have about 3 pairs of converse and I am always looking for a cute flat. I used to be all about heels but the older I’ve gotten I enjoy a good wedge too. Heels are nice for special occasions or if I want to REALLY dress up but with a toddler and a newborn on the way I know they won’t be practical.

  5. I love sneakers and flip flops and slippers:) Oh, and cowboy boots. I rarely wear heels. I cant go very fast with them on;) Blue is a great color for you. Happy Wednesday!! Susan

  6. Love this outfit! You make me want to go out and buy a new pair of brightly colored sneakers (they were already on my list, but even more so now)!! And you look gorgeous!!

  7. I LOVE sneakers. Sadly, I can’t justify purchasing them because I don’t really wear them to work, and there are only a few days in the weekends. But my hubs got me some Kate Spade glitter Keds for Valentine’s Day and I was over the moon!

  8. I need to get some new sneakers (or tennis shoes as I call them). I’m with you on the no heels, though… add Rainbow flip flops and Sperry Topsiders to your list, and that is what I wear.

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