1. Haven’t even gotten my canvases from Canvas Champ yet, but I can’t say I would recommend them to anyone. We’re working on a wall in our dining room and wanted to add a couple canvases from our wedding before we have a bunch of company over for Thanksgiving. I placed my order based on a couple factors. One, their “Contact” page says they are based in Greer, SC with an operation facility in Lawrenceville, GA. I live near Augusta, GA, so both of those places are basically a one day ship away from me. Two, they claim that your order is produced 24-48 hours after approval and shipping takes 3-12 days depending on what method you choose. My order sat in the “processing” stage for a solid week. No big deal since it should only take a day or two to get to me from SC or GA, right? Once my order was finally printed and shipped, I got a DHL tracking number. This is red flag number one because DHL mainly handles international shipping now. After waiting a couple more days for the tracking to show anything, I see it has been picked up in Ahmedabad, INDIA on November 16th — 12 days after ordering, if you’re keeping score at home. As I type this, now 5 days after it shipped, they’re sitting somewhere in Ohio still with no estimated delivery date available whatsoever. Worse is DHL requires signature since it’s an international shipment, so the chances of anyone being home on a work day are slim to none. I could’ve ordered these from a vendor I do many printed products with in my design and photography biz, based in the US and printed here, too. Would’ve cost me about $5 more for the product, but double the shipping because they ship individually. I would’ve had them within a week or ordering. At this point it doesn’t matter how awesome or not these canvases turn out; I can’t recommend Canvas Champ to anyone.

    1. Oh no! Brent, I’m so sorry you had that experience! I can’t say I had that experience any of the times I ordered from them… and you did contact their customer service? I found them to be very responsive in the past. Is there a number you can call??? I am so sorry!! Praying it gets there quickly!

      1. I haven’t contacted them as there’s not really anything they can do since DHL has it now, and they are at DHL’s mercy. Worth noting that my shipping method on my order still shows “Standard (Delivery by Fri, 17th Nov 2017)”, when it didn’t even say it was shipped until the 16th. That didn’t bother me TOO much at first since, as I mentioned, they were allegedly a one day ship away from where I live. But then when I see it’s shipping from India instead I was pretty perturbed. I’ve read a few other not-so-great experiences both with the shipping/India aspect of it as well as the print quality…of course I read all of those after my wait time got longer and longer rather than before I ordered. Aside from the folks with sponsored blogs who had issues, most ‘regular Joe’ types who had issues were largely ignored or offered unhelpful advice from their customer service. I’ve got my fingers crossed, so we’ll see how this turns out. From now on I’m sticking with my vendor I mentioned above or Canvas On Demand, where I’ve always gotten nice prints for a great deal (via Groupon anyway).

        1. If you want something nice for very little money, then labor needs to be very inexpensive… and the work will be shipped overseas.

          Otherwise, go to your local shop and help pay for the workers in your community.

          1. Responding to a post from 2 years ago…? Regardless, as I mentioned numerous times, the company represented themselves as one in the US.

  2. Thank you so much for this post! I have been agonizing over who to order a large canvas from for days, and all of the many bad reviews out there had me so nervous! I think it was easier to name my children than make this decision!! But your blog helped me to finally choose CanvasChamp, and the price was terrific. Can’t wait to get the canvases I ordered. Thank you!! 🙂

  3. Hi Molly,

    I have read your reviews and have my choices narrowed down to two, CanvasHQ and Artsy Couture… I like the print quality and price point of CanvasHQ and am impressed that Artsy Couture uses actual canvas and the color is vibrant. The photo I am using was taken of an actual oil painting my mother painted many years ago. This is my first experience, could you help me with my decision by recommending one over the other? Thanks!

  4. Hi Molly,
    I have read your reviews and have my choices narrowed down to two, CanvasHQ and Artsy Couture… I like the print quality and price point of CanvasHQ and am impressed that Artsy Couture uses actual canvas and the color is vibrant. The photo I am using was taken of an actual oil painting my mother painted many years ago. This is my first experience, could you help me with my decision by recommending one over the other? Thanks!

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  6. Between Canvas HQ and Canvas Champ have you noticed any difference in quality or depth of color? There is a significant price difference and trying to decide which one to go with!

  7. So, easycanvasprints.com looked good to me, so I began to place my order. I found them as an ad on google when searching, went to the site, uploaded photo, choose options, was about to complete, then I thought I would read the site FAQ’s… I saw something mentioning Groupon. So I purchased a groupon for $70 that would get me $150 worth of goods. When I went to apply, it asked me to go to a different page (i.e. easycanvasprintscom/redeemcode) Smelled like a rat, sure enough, the prices changed, drastically. I have screenshots showing the difference. Without groupon pricing a 30×40 was $59.55, with “groupon pricing” same product became $170.14!!! Called groupon, got refunded… even with the 54% off groupon, it would have been $30 more for my order. Oh, and I advanced both orders on two screens (one with groupon, one without) and shipping was 3 1/2 times as much on the groupon pricing ($35 instead of $10) — for the SAME ORDER! SMH… shady!

  8. I really like Gallery Direct, EXCELLENT products and customer service. I did a lobby at a condo with stuff from them. Pricey without coupon codes, but deals every weekend. Oh and I agree with you on MyPix2.com. Did business with them for years and now they are abysmal.

  9. What about iCanvas.com? I’ve had super great service, quality and delivery. They messed up the frame depth of one order and just sent out new product and let us keep the old as well.

  10. Just shopped through them ALL and went with Easy Canvas Prints because they really do guarantee delivery before Christmas at a very reasonable rate compared to the others. Perfect for us creative procrastinators. Website was also easy to navigate. Your reviews were spot on – thanks so much for the help!

  11. We have also had a negative experience with mypix2.com. We ordered with our Groupon voucher on June 3. It is November 26. Below sub-par customer service—email responses are canned. I am curious when the last time you ordered from them was, and if they knew you were reviewing them? They have horrible reviews with the NC Better Business Bureau—57 reviews, all negative. Also 896 complaints. I’m sure you had a good experience or you wouldn’t recommend them, but you may want to reconsider…

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  13. I have an order in with mypix2.com. I placed the order May 2nd. It is now November 20th. They don’t reply to emails except to say it is in process. I would not use this company ever!

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  15. Hi Molly

    I am looking at Canvas Champ, Canvas HQ, COD and Easy Canvas all right now. I shopped them all against each other for pricing on same 28×32 and Champ and Easy are the same while HQ and COD are both about double. Weird. Anyway, Champ seems to be the only one that asked if I wanted lamination to be added. Is that something I should get? What would it look like next to same picture of one without lamination? Also, does it extend life or color quality? Just trying to think this through. Also Champ shows many free canvas sizes they would add to your order based on your spend… Amazing. And free shipping over 99. I’m pretty sure I’ll go with them!

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  17. Actually, Costco’s canvases look stellar, at least for the sizes they carry. Other photographers have seen a couple of mine and were amazed how much nicer they were than many others they had seen or ordered. Not all Costco’s have the photo labs but many can accept the deliveries. Done outside the store.

  18. I ordered from My Pix 2 Canvas and Canvas Champ back in June. I received the canvas from canvas champs super quick, I think within a week!! It was really high quality. I was very pleased with them. My Pix 2 Canvas, on the other hand, STILL has not gotten my canvas to me – it’s been almost two months!! You mentioned in your review that they were quick, but I wanted to forewarn everyone that has apparently changed. I emailed about my order and they told me the turnaround time is from 45 to 60 days! Ridiculous!!!! I tried to cancel and they told me no refunds on vouchers. If it doesn’t ship by day 60, I just might call my credit card company and do a chargeback. Since they weren’t one of your highest rated companies, I wouldn’t have chosen them, except that the size I wanted wasn’t the norm so other companies were either charging more for it or it wasn’t offered. I wish I had paid more and gotten it elsewhere.

      1. Great, thank you! I assumed that there wouldn’t be a huge difference, but wanted the opinion of someone who had seen both 🙂 Great post, by the way! I’m ordering a bunch from Canvas champ!

    1. I also got a great canvas from cafepress. They decided that my image did not work well as the 16×20 I ordered, so they printed it 16×24 at the same price.

  19. Thank you for this blog. I am getting ready to order my first Canvas, and was not even sure where to begin. I am going to head to COD for sure!

      1. Hi again. I ended up using Canvas HQ and they were great. So great that I decided to share my experience. I first saw them listed on the topconsumerreviews site and decided between them and Easy Canvas.

        In the end I chose CanvasHQ between it was better on speed (1 week from order to delivery) and price and offered a chat capability which I took advantage of. I had a few questions about my photo before ordering. Their customer service was very impressive. They helped me throughout my entire project giving advice and tips and ensuring that I was satisfied.

        Ordering the print from the website was extremely easy – it was one of the better interfaces compared to other vendors.

        I don’t know canvas prints like you do but in the end I felt that they delivered a high quality canvas. Definitely check them out!

  20. I have had about 12 canvas’ printed from Canvas on Demand. They are top notch in every way. The canvas is stretched perfectly, the corners are the neatest, the color saturation is perfect. The only time they messed up was because I messed up the order. They replaced the canvas for nothing. I have moved to a winter home and will be using them to decorate my walls again. Their customer service is also top notch.

  21. Excellent product from Royal Canvas. Always have a deal going – like buy 1, 90% off a second one. Very nice quality.

  22. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with Easy Canvas Prints. I have three hanging in my office and a couple more at home. The only complaint I have is that if you get a larger (specifically 12×36 Panoramic) it takes much longer to get them than smaller sizes. Roughly 2 weeks versus 4-5 days. I don’t know if that is the shipping (because they come in a HUGE box) or the actual production. Other than that, I am impressed with the quality of their products as well as the pricing if you hold out for one of their frequent special deals.

  23. Check out Canvas Creations Usa. Better quality than easy Canvas prints and they are very accommodating. Lowest prices I’ve found and the canvas material is topnotch.

  24. Curious if you have anything new to add to this topic? I have several pictures I have wanted to do on canvas and every time I start looking into it I get overwhelmed with all the options for different companies.

  25. I just had a HORRIBLE experience with Easy Canvas Prints. Their site does NOT tell you if the image isn’t going to work out until AFTER you place the order. I didn’t have a better quality image of what I wanted so immediately canceled the order but they charged my card anyway & 4 days later no credit. I had to call 3 times & now they tell me to wait up to 14 days for a refund of a charge they never should have made & they had not canceled the order to trigger the refund after 4 days (even though they admitted receiving notice to cancel). Very frustrating. I would not use based on this experience. What a nightmare.

  26. Now im paranoid. I ordered 3 from our wedding and am waiting for them to arrive now. Unfortunately a few nights after i ordered them, i looked up reviews for Canvas People and they werent good. This was a big splurge for me so Im going to cross my fingers and hope for the best. I’ll probably hang them regardless of how they look, but still, Pretty would be nice 😉

  27. Canvas on Demand has absolutely the worst customer service of any company I have ever done business with. Its too bad because their products are nice but its just not worth it. They don’t know how to fix mistakes they make. There are many other choices so save your aggravation and find another company to create your canvas

  28. THANK YOU for this post!! I’ve been experimenting with different companies as well, and my first try with Canvas on Demand was a great success. I see deals online all the time and never know whether to go for the deal or whether to stick with the same company. Most helpful information I’ve seen yet! I’ve only ordered from Snapfish and Canvas on Demand, and I must say, I think they are both quite similar in quality.

  29. thank you so much for this! I seriously have been wanting some canvases so bad but with all the companies I had no clue which to splurge on!

  30. Thanks for doing this! Such a great review, Molly! I’ve ordered one canvas personally and another as a gift, but I’ve been interested in seeing comparisons to know where to order from in the future.

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