Canvas HQ Review & Giveaway

February 1, 2017·

If you’ve been reading this blog for a few years, you know my love (okay, obsessionof photo-to-canvas prints. One of my most popular blog posts of all time is one I wrote a few years ago where I review all the different photo-to-canvas companies and share my favorites. I’m constantly on the hunt for the best canvas print companies… I’m always looking to see which canvas company has the best deals, the best quality, the best customer service, etc… I have ordered a canvas from nearly ever canvas company in existence. Haha! You think I’m joking… 🙂

Well, last spring I learned about Canvas HQ (use code StillBeingMolly for 35% off with free US shipping) and they have quickly become my absolute FAVORITE and go-to canvas print company and they’ve won my business for life.

For real. I am not even joking… At this point I’ve ordered probably a few dozen canvases (not all for me… many for gifts!!) from them and every single one is amazing quality. Anyway, I wanted to share with you guys why I love Canvas HQ so much and why I truly think they are one of the best canvas companies out there.

PLUS… if you read to the end, I have a ridiculously awesome giveaway for y’all!

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Quality: No joke… there is not a picture that will do the quality of Canvas HQ’s canvases justice. They use a higher quality ink that makes the colors bolder, brighter, and last longer. Also, I realize that the canvases I have pictured in this post are in Black and White, but admittedly, that’s the ones I have photographed. I have ordered color canvases for gifts for friends and family and they are BEAUTIFUL. So. So. So. beautiful. Everyone comments on how bright and bold they are!

Cakes by By's Blue House Bakery and Coffee Shop in Jamestown, North Carolina (34)

Customer Service: The customer service at Canvas HQ has been second to none for me. My contact, Kristy, has been so helpful in designing gallery walls, editing proofs, telling me what size would look best for what picture, etc. She not only helped helped me pick out pictures for my sister’s bakery, but she is also helping me design a gallery wall for my own home! I love that she makes suggestions for sizes and edits. I also love that you get a free proof for every canvas.

There’s been a few instances where Kristy has noticed something on an image that needs a little editing or brightening, etc. and she’s suggested edits and made sure that the canvas is going to look the best it possibly can.

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Pricing: Canvas HQ isn’t going to be the cheapest canvas company out there… but honestly, I’ve found (after ordering DOZENS and dozens of canvases) over the years that cheaper canvas companies are usually cheaper for a reason… the quality isn’t good, the customer service isn’t great, and the colors start to fade after awhile. Canvas HQ offers a lot of specials (plus, if you use the code “StillBeingMolly” at checkout you get 35% off plus free shipping!!), so you can get great deals while also getting excellent quality canvases.

Overall: I think it’s pretty evident how much I love Canvas HQ. No lie, I adore them. I can’t say enough good things about them. One of my favorite things about them, too, is that they are a small, family owned company. I love supporting family owned businesses!

Giveaway time!

I’ve teamed up with the AWESOME people at Canvas HQ to giveaway a mini GALLERY WALL to one of you!! That’s 6-8 canvases, y’all! WHO IS EXCITED? Use the Rafflecopter tool below to enter:

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Canvas HQ Review - Best Photo-to-Canvas Company Review and Giveaway

Thank you to Canvas HQ for sponsoring this post. You guys… I truly, TRULY love Canvas HQ and can’t say enough good things about them. I’ve ordered DOZENS of canvases from them at this point and every single one is just beautiful! Thank you for supporting the companies that help support this blog!