FASHION | Polka Dots & Mint (And some The Bachelor thoughts)

March 12, 2014·

Top: JCrew Factory (similar) | Chambray: Old Navy | Necklace: eBay (similar) | Mint Jeans: Target (similar) | Shoes: TOMS | Bag: Longchamp
FASHION | Polka Dots & Mint (2)

FASHION | Polka Dots & Mint (3) FASHION | Polka Dots & Mint (4) FASHION | Polka Dots & Mint (5)Praise the Good Lord!! It feels like spring is FINALLY here. I am definitely going to cross my fingers, do a spring dance, and knock on every piece of wood I see… because as soon as I say that, another ice storm or something is going to come slam us.

It was almost dang near too hot for this outfit when I was out yesterday… I’m going to really struggle once the warm weather actually does arrive. When I did my last closet cleanout I got rid of almost ALL of my spring and summer clothes because they just didn’t fit anymore.

Soooo yeah… I’m going to need to hit up some serious spring sales or something soon. Otherwise I’ll be rocking the same dress and same pair of shorts every day. Which, I guess wouldn’t be so bad… it would make getting dressed in the morning easier.

It is quite sad though that my daughter literally has like 4x the amount of clothes that I do. Haha! Probably even more.

Oh well, she’s cuter anyway. I don’t know if that really has anything to do with anything, but it is what it is.

On a separate and totally unrelated to fashion side note, who watched The Bachelor finale on Monday? What. A. Trainwreck. 

A couple points of note: 

  • I did not like Clare all season, but when she told Juan Pablo off when he dumped her… she immediately earned my respect. He deserved to be put in his place, and in his place she put him.
  • The fact that he said “I’m glad I didn’t pick her” when she walked off… ummm SERIOUSLY?!
  • Chris Harrison is THE MAN. When he said “Good on ya‘” to Juan Pablo and Nikki, I almost fell out of my chair laughing.
  • Sharleen’s makeup looked GORGEOUS.
  • I still LOVE Sean and Catherine. By far my favorite Bachelor couple ever. Sean was cracking me up…
  • I truly feel sorry for Nikki… I actually liked her this season and I hope that things either truly work out (which I doubt they will), or she woman’s up and gets the heck out of that relationship. That thing is sinking fast.
  • The whole thing was just so awkward. Everything was awkward.
  • I am excited for Andi to be the Bachelorette! I found out Andi is a Phi Mu and so now I totally want to root for her! 🙂

That is all.