The Disney Dream

March 11, 2014·

So we are home, our internet is back on (yay!), I’m playing catchup on work and we’re getting back into the swing of things. We had such an amazing time on our Disney Dream cruise! We left Port Canaveral last Thursday and headed to Nassau on Friday and Castaway Cay (pronounced “key”) on Saturday. We were so blessed to get the chance to go on this trip with some people from John’s work and we enjoyed every single second.

I just thought I’d recap (just a LITTLE bit) of our time on our trip. 🙂

The Dream is an AMAZING ship! It looked so beautiful at night.

Disney Dream Cruise (2)

On the first night on the ship, John and I decided to check out the “Match Your Mate” game and we TOTALLY DOMINATED. We beat out two other couples – one couple had four kids and one couple had been married 30 years… yet we knew more about each other. It was hilarious!

Disney Dream Cruise (3)

The first day we docked in Nassau… it was beautiful. We decided to stay on the ship and enjoy everything that the ship had to offer, but we enjoyed the beautiful views.Disney Dream Cruise (4)

Lilly hung out by the pool with us…

disney-dream-cruise-2014_2434 disney-dream-cruise-2014_2435

…and we headed to Nemo’s Reef splash zone. She was SO cute and totally didn’t know what to do with the water.

Disney Dream Cruise (5)

The food on the ship was absolutely amazing. This was us heading to dinner… and yes, we TOTALLY match.Disney Dream Cruise (6)

One night Lilly couldn’t sleep at all and so I decided to take her out onto the top deck to watch the sun rise. It was so beautiful and so peaceful. We were the ONLY ones up there (other than the guy pressure washing the deck) and it was beautiful to just look out over the ocean and see nothing but water. 

Lilly ended up falling asleep in the carrier on my chest and so I just sat up there with her and read my bible and looked out over the water. It was the moment of quiet and peace I so badly needed.

(The wind was also insane)


The sun rising…disney-dream-cruise-2014_2436

On Saturday, we headed to Castaway Cay which is Disney’s private island. We were delayed getting into the port because the water was SO ROUGH. Seriously. It was actually scary… the boat was rocking an insane amount and the winds were out of control.

I was so excited to take Lilly to the beach! We put her on the sand and she wasn’t on the sand two seconds and she immediately started to eat the sand. It took EVERYTHING we could do to keep her from eating it…

Disney Dream Cruise (7) Disney Dream Cruise (8)

Playtime on the beach!
Disney Dream Cruise (9)

The Dream docked at Castaway Cay.Disney Dream Cruise (10) Disney Dream Cruise (11)

We got to meet Captain Mickey!! Lilly loved him… sort of. 🙂 Disney Dream Cruise (12)

One of my favorite pictures. The loves of my life…
Disney Dream Cruise (13)

Ran into Princess Tiana in the hallway… I totally turned into a 10 year old. I was so excited when I saw all the characters!
Disney Dream Cruise (14)

The last night we decided to be old people and play shuffleboard with another couple who was on the trip with us… and we totally lost. I am NOT good at shuffleboard.Disney Dream Cruise (15)

I could go on and on and on and on about how much I loved the trip and how much fun we had… this is obviously just a small recap of our time.

But most importantly, it was really the break that my husband and I so badly needed. We put Lilly in the nursery on the ship in the evenings and so after dinner each night John and I just got to spend time with each other talking and laughing and dreaming and catching up. We were totally unplugged… no phones, no internet, no social media… just each other.

It just was the reminder and the reset that we both needed to just be more present. And that sometimes alone time and conversation and laughter is all you really need to relax and unwind.

…although I will say that I can’t WAIT till we go on another Disney cruise someday. Not anytime soon… but one day! 🙂

Have you ever been on a cruise? How about a Disney Cruise?