Repeat Offender

April 2, 2014·

Tunic: Fab’rik Boutique | Jeans: Old Navy | Flats: White Plum c/o | Bag: Target (similar) | Necklace: GroopDealz

So, let me confess, I’m fairly certain I’ve basically worn this outfit on the blog before. There was a maternity version of it that I wore here and well, I think that’s it. But I feel like I’ve worn it a bunch. And there was even a part of me that was like, “Don’t blog this outfit, you’ve worn it before.” And then the other (more rational) part of me was like, “Uhhh, that’s real life. People wear things more than once. It’s okay to have basically the same outfit but with a different necklace and different shoes… plus you’re carrying that fabulous purple bag! It’s so now!” 

These are the types of conversations that I often have with myself. Is that strange?

But anyway, the truth is, one of the things that I love most about fashion, and REAL LIFE fashion, is the ability to change up an outfit with something as simple as your accessories. Sure, the “base” of the outfit (top and pantsare the same, but with new shoes, a new necklace, and a fun bag, it feels like a totally different look! ‘Naw mean?

I’ve had this tunic for almost TWO years and it’s still one of my absolute favorites in my closet. It’s so lightweight and so colorful and fun. Definitely one of my closet staples… whoda thunk a printed tunic would be a closet staple? 

Now that the weather is warming up (FINALLY!!), I’m finding myself struggling to put together outfits because I just don’t have much in the way of warm weather clothes. I need to add some to my wardrobe but I’m almost at a loss for where to start…

Oh well, guess that just means I will HAVE to go shopping!

What about you? What are your “staples” for spring and summer this year? What should I be on the lookout for? How do you make an outfit that’s basically the same “feel different?”