Being Still | Rooted and Built in Him


  1. Another thing I’ve been struggling with! I realized recently how I always am the most miserable and lost during times when I am pushing God away (intentionally or otherwise). I do find it difficult to actually get up and read the Bible. I have my app and stuff but actually reading properly…..not so much. I need like little activity sheets as I go along. lol Idk, I just find it, with my illness, so difficult to focus on just one thing. So I end up putting it off, and well, you know how that ends up. :/

  2. I am loving your devotionals Molly…. they really have encouraged me. (I love your whole blog too 🙂 ).

  3. this is such a good post and I’m glad you published it. I think a lot of Christians have times where they feel so deep into the Word and then the next week they can completely feel out of it. it’s nice to have each other to encourage one another!

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