The House That Built Us…

April 11, 2014·

So I’m sitting here in our little Cape Cod house in Hillsborough writing a blog post from my desk for the last time. (The last time blogging from Hillsborough… not the last time blogging… I don’t know how to word that sentence correctly. LOL) I’m not one to usually get nostalgic (okay, maybe I am), but I have this weird mixed feeling of both excitement and sadness.

We close on our new house today (Friday)! AHH! 

It’s been a surprisingly easy and smooth process from the time we put the offer in on our new home, went through the inspection, underwriting, mortgage application, etc. up until to today… I will definitely be sharing some more about the process and some tips and tricks for new home buyers, etc. in the coming weeks… but I wanted to get through it all before I really tried to go into a lot of detail. I haven’t talked about it all that much because anything can change at a moment’s notice!

baby shower
outside our home at our baby shower

Anyway. While I am SO excited for our new home and SO excited for all that it means and all that it brings (and for the WALK IN CLOSET, Y’ALL!!!), there’s a big part of me that is sad of what we’re leaving behind.

While John had bought it a few years before we got married (and before we even knew each other), together we really made this house our home.

All the little DIY projects, the decorating, the painting, the refinishing, the new flooring, the landscaping, and of course the nursery – every little inch of this house has our touch on it. We spent our first night together as a married couple in this home and this is where we brought our daughter home. Of course all the endless burger sundays and the cookouts and baby shower and Christmas parties and movie nights and game nights.

We began building our marriage in this home and so, of course, it’s going to always hold a special place in our hearts.

But I’m not going to cry (very much), and I’m not going to be sad (for too long), I’m going to just be so thankful for our new home and look forward to all the memories we will create there!

Can’t wait to share more about it in the coming days… and of course post a picture!! 🙂 Check my Instagram later today because I’ll definitely share one there!! 🙂 

What about you? Have you moved a lot before? Do you get sad every time you move or do you look forward to it?