#WhoToFollow – Beauty Vloggers!

April 10, 2014·

So, WAY back in the day on this blog (like 4+ years ago) I used to do a #FollowFriday series where I’d talk about some of my favorite Twitter account, Facebook accounts, YouTube accounts, etc. to follow. Anyway, I don’t plan on bringing back the series in full force or doing it weekly, but I definitely want to bring it back in a different way and just share some of the accounts I’ve been following and loving recently in different categories. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Now also back in the day (like a la 2008 / 2009) I was OBSESSED with YouTube beauty videos and beauty vloggers. Like, I used to watch them ALL. THE. TIME. For whatever reason I got out of the habit for a while watching them but over the last year or so I’ve been back to watching them. I don’t know what it is, I could just watch some of these YouTube beauty videos all day long.

I watch them while I do laundry. I watch them while I work. I watch them while I nurse. It’s silly, really. I don’t LITERALLY watch them all day long… but I do watch them a lot. Okay? Okay. 

Anyway… because of my latest obsession, I thought I’d share some of my favorite YouTube beauty vloggers with you. You know, in case you were looking for some fun and totally girly beauty videos to watch, too.

This is not sponsored, these people have no idea that I’m writing about them, I just genuinely love their videos!! And these YouTubers range from vloggers with MILLIONS of subscribers to just a couple hundred subscribers. I will also say this is NOT the complete list of people I’m subscribed to… I’m subscribed to A LOT of channels… this just happens to be the few that I’ve really been loving lately!! So if you’re a YouTube vlogger and your name isn’t on the list please don’t think I don’t love you, too!!! 🙂

Let’s get to it. 


Tati has 300K+ subscribers, but I only recently found her channel in the last month or so. She is, by far, probably my favorite YouTube beauty guru ever. She posts videos FIVE days a week and the quality is amazing. It’s clear that she REALLY works hard on making and producing these videos, but she also knows her stuff.

Every Tuesday she posts “Tip Tuesday” where she shares a fun beauty or life tip – and these are always helpful, short videos. Every Thursday she shares “Hot or Not” and talks about recent products she’s tried that she likes or doesn’t like. Her reviews are REALLY thorough and really honest. I LOVE it. She also does AMAZING makeup tutorials and always looks flawless. I LOVE HER. Can you tell? 

She also uses A LOT of drugstore products, which I LOVE. So, it’s a great balance that she strikes.

Recently, she went through the ENTIRE NYC cosmetics line and said what products she liked and which products from the line she DIDN’T like. It was awesome. Check her out:

Miss Glamorazzi

Ingrid has like 2+ MILLION followers, so a lot of you probably already know her and love her. I can’t quite pinpoint what I love so much about her videos, but she is just so dang cute! Her makeup tips are easy to understand, I love her hair tutorials, and her apartment is ADORABLE. She is just hilarious… she loves donuts (so do I), she loves pandas (I think pandas are adorbs), and her favorite color is blue (blue is awesome).

Here’s one of her recent hair tutorial videos that I just adore:

Rebecca Lately

Full disclosure, I know Rebecca in real life… but even if I didn’t know her IRL, I’d watch her videos anyway. Rebecca, as a person, has one of the BIGGEST hearts and is just so unbelievably sweet, so unbelievably smart, and SO unbelievably gorgeous!!

I LOVE her “Get Ready With Me” videos, I LOVE her Favorites videos, and I LOVE her product reviews. Rebecca also uses a GREAT balance of high end and lower end products which I really love.

I also LOVE how amazing she is at THRIFTING. If only I could thrift like Rebecca.

Here’s one of her recent Get Ready With Me Videos. How adorable is she?!

EmilyNoel83 / Beauty Broadcast

Emily is a new find of mine and I LOVE her. She’s expecting her first baby, but homegirl has got it going ON when it comes to her beauty videos. She is really knowledgeable and gives GREAT in-depth reviews and analysis of makeup that she’s using. I really feel like when I watch her videos that I can REALLY trust her opinion and where she’s coming from (not that I can’t trust the others, but you get what I’m saying).

Also, something I think that’s really cool, is she has NEVER EVER accepted money in exchange for a beauty video. I don’t fault anyone else for accepting sponsorship money for a video, but I think that’s cool that she has never done so and never plans to do so. She really does it for the “love of the game,” if you will.

Her tutorials are on point, her “favorites” videos are AMAZING, and I love her “makeup fails” videos.

Here’s one of my favorite beauty tutorials that she has posted recently:

Glossy Blonde

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you KNOW I love my girl Niki over at Glossy Blonde. Niki and I have become great blogging buddies and she is just as sweet as can be. She’s gorgeous, she’s funny, she’s smart, she has a dog that looks SO much like my dog Tater, and she is just the best. I love Niki.

Anyway, Niki also makes FABULOUS beauty videos!!

I love her tips and tricks, I love her makeup routines,  and I love watching her Favorites videos because we have a similar taste in makeup!

Check out one of her recent tutorials that I LOVE:

Dulce Candy

I have been watching Dulce Candy since she STARTED on YouTube. Literally. I randomly found her when she started some five+ (maybe even six years ago) and have been watching her ever since. I feel like I know her… I’ve watched her grow up on YouTube. I watched her get pregnant and have a baby, I watched her and her childhood sweetheart get married. I watched her totally blow up and become a YouTube sensation. And I’ve never met the girl…

I know, it’s kinda creepy and weird when you think about it… but I just love her. Always have. Probably always will. If I could meet any YouTuber, it would probably be Dulce. I feel like we would be BFFs if we met in real life.

She’s so adorable and spunky and I just love her on camera personality. She also has an amazing fashion blog that I love, too!!

I LOVE her tutorials, I LOVE her haul videos, I LOVE her favorites videos… I just am a huge Dulce fan.

Here’s a recent video of her that I LOVE. Isn’t she so gorgeous?!

And here are just a couple more channels that I have been loving lately (or even for a long time) that you should definitely check out:

Okay. Phew. That’s a lot.

Now, tell me. Sound off in the comments… which YouTube beauty vloggers do YOU watch all the time?! I need some new people to subscribe to!!

AND, while I’m at it, shameless plug… did you know I have a YouTube channel? I am nowhere near as awesome as these people I mentioned… but you should check it out. 🙂