The Top 10 Best Tips for Making Moving Easier


  1. The best moving tip I’ve gotten is to assemble the beds, have the bedding ready and any tools you’ll need, and make the beds first. At the end of a long moving day, you won’t have to find the sheets, make the bed, or end up sleeping on a bare mattress.

  2. Love your tips… I feel like I could use these for out extended vacations to place like NC 🙂

    The most important things are always what I keep out the longest and inevitably can’t find… ex I “lost” my iphone charger while at Brand Market, cuz I put in the car last and so it ended up in dashboard. Seemed like a great idea… that I promptly forgot about

  3. Can’t wait to see the new house! Moving does suck!! However you gave some great tips.
    xo, Lee

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