FASHION | Neon + Floral (1)


  1. Such a pretty outfit! I would have never thought of pairing a floral cardigan with neon, but they looks perfect together.

  2. Great color for you Molly! And I love that clutch! I am going to ask for a summer bag in my next Fix! Susan

  3. You look adorbs! Love the color and I can’t wait to see how your sewing endeavor turns out. Good luck and be careful!!! 🙂

  4. Hi Molly. Meeting you through Pleated Poppy. Would love to follow if you were interested in looking at my site as well. I am realitively new. I love your floral looks. This one looks great on you, and something I would go for, as I am a red head and I love the corals and oranges. Looks great

    Please stop by

  5. I have the blouse from J.Crew factory in 4 colors. I’m wearing the white one today actually! It seriously is one of my go-to pieces now! Love it with the floral cardigan!

  6. I really like the floral pattern! I actually can sew, but I still procrastinate an embarrassingly long time when it comes to mending because it’s not the most exciting kind of sewing to do.

  7. I wish I could sew a button, but I’m not domesticated at all! I really love the color of this top on you!! It’s absolutely gorgeous.


  8. Love that top! I might have to get that soon!! You look great! I love how you put outfits together, I wish I was better about that, but I have been struggling with losing the baby weight and I can’t seem to figure out how to dress for my changed figure.

  9. Love your bright paired with floral. That’s what I posted about today as well! Such a fun trend for spring. And thanks a lot…now the Fresh Prince song is in my head! 😉 Loved that show.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  10. Molly, that color looks so good on you! I haven’t found any good deals lately … unless you count the over priced J. Crew top that I got 40% off that came in the mail yesterday. And I’m sure you could find a Youtube video showing you how to sew on a button. 🙂

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