5 [MORE] Awesome Money Saving Tips


  1. Great tips!! I am going to check out Frugga right now!! I love ebates and checkout 51. I shared my excitement about these two today on my blog. Seems money saving tips is in the air!! One can never receive too many money saving tips though in my opinion!! Thanks again for sharing yours.

  2. Awesome tips! I’d add in shopping with Ebates! I get probably $20 each quarter by just shopping online through them. (and then I read down and someone’s already mentioned it!) They also have referral links, so you can get more cash when your friends sign up and use it.

  3. Such great tips! I shop a lot at thrift shops and Ebay too….It pays to save! 🙂
    Another tip for saving money on heat. Have your fans going on lowest setting possible as they will circulate the air and you will get more even heating throughout the house.

    Medley // Currently Loving Link Up

  4. I watch for deals from Living Social or Groupon for various things we might want to do/see/use – we’ve been able to still go out and do some fun things for much cheaper than they’d normally be! And one app I can’t live without is the Cartwheel app for Target! You can stack coupons on top of the Cartwheel deals!

  5. I love these tips! For the coffee drinkers out there, you can get the reusable travel mugs at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s too. They usually have a combo pack of two or three for $5! I also just recently downloaded the app “Checkout 51″…you can upload your grocery receipts and get money back for certain items each week!

  6. Lesson learned on the new car thing. I bought my Patriot the first year they came out and it literally depreciated $6k in one day. I had to purchase GAP insurance to cover the “gap” from the car’s value and what I owed on it. I was upside down for a long time. Now, that my car is paid off, I plan on driving it into the ground. 🙂 And I will definitely purchase a used vehicle from now on. Even if it’s just a year old, you can save having to pay for extras like GAP insurance AND footing the “depreciation bill” yourself. Let the dealership pay for that. HAHA. Great post!

  7. Before I make any online purchase, I check to see if the vendor is on ebates.com and make the purchase through there if they are. You can earn various percentages of cash back doing this – ebates.com will send you a check when you have accumulated enough cash. You can also use your ebates.com balance on things like Amazon gift cards. Free money, yo!

  8. I’m not the best at saving money haha, but I have learned to save on music by using Spotify for free instead of buying music on iTunes. You can listen to whatever you want at your desk or at home on the computer, but on mobile you can listen to playlists for free but only on shuffle, which is fine most of the time. I did pay for it the month I did my marathon though because I needed it to be a specific list, but I cancelled right after that 🙂

  9. Alex and I used Mint.com to track our spending so we can identify where we’re over spending. Eating out has been a tough one (mostly just because of our social lives!) but we’re really making an effort to eat at home!


  10. Good post! However, I have also learned through home ownership that if while you’re gone you turn your AC/heat down it takes more energy for it to get back to the level it needs to be while you are home and sometimes it’s just as cost efficient to keep it at a reasonable temperature so it’s not always working, and when it does need to work, it only has to be on for a set period of time.

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