For the Mamas |Latest Must-Have's and Can't-Live-Withouts at 9 Months (1)


  1. I LOVED our space saver. I actually still have it, in case we have another baby and in case we have company over and we need an extra booster seat/high chair. And our kids loved MAM pacifiers, too. They were the only ones that my boys liked.

    I would love to hear about the teething necklace! I’ve heard that they’re good for teething but I never did any research on them.

  2. so funny-I wanted the placemats for harry when we would eat out so he’d eat on a nice clean surface, but now I want them for jack because I feel so bad about the mess we leave! I pick up the big chunks, but it would be great to be able to roll it all up and toss it. guess I know what’s going on my target list!

  3. My oldest daughter is expecting her second baby now! Maybe I’ll look into getting a carrier for her… and the disposable placements for my sweet little 2 year old grand-daughter! 🙂 I didn’t know they made those… great idea! Thanks! Karen S.

  4. Wow! You really have worked the kinks out! Great post. Where I don’t have children I am curious about the necklace she wears. Does she chew on it? How does it work?
    xo, Lee

  5. I can’t seem to convince my husband on the Amber teething necklace, but we’re on our eighth week of cranky baby so I’m hoping to change his mind! Our boy is five months old and cannot live without his Jumperoo! Even if he’s having a bad day the minute we put him in there he is all smiles and giggles. We’re traveling in a little less than a month and I am sad we have to leave it at home!

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