Lilly – Nine Month Update!

May 18, 2014·

Lilly is NINE months old. She’s been out of my tummy almost as long as she was IN my tummy. I say ALMOST because homegirl was l-a-t-e. I really think the months are speeding up. I realize that time is steady and never changing, but my gosh, it really feels like it’s flying by. I mean, we’ve been living in our new house for over a month. THAT’S CRAZY TALK.

Lilly - Nine Month Update! (3)

If it’s possible, we are just falling more and more in love with this precious girl every single day. Every day when she wakes up, I just look at her and I love her more than I did the day before.

Lilly - Nine Month Update! (5)

She’s already growing into a little woman that impresses us SO much with all that she knows and understands already!

John and I know we are going to have a handful on our hands in a few years, BUT, I think she’s just going to do amazing things. I realize every parent thinks this about their child. 🙂 

Lilly - Nine Month Update! (2)

And now that homegirl is on the move and DOES NOT want to sit still… here is what 99% of the photos that I take of her look like:

Lilly - Nine Month Update! (4) Lilly’s Nine Month Update

Weight: 19.05 lbs

Length: 26.5″

Nicknames: Beebeebeeoo. Putian. Lilliputian. Lil. Monkey Moo. Shmunky Shmoo.

Lilly’s first Easter:
Lilly - Nine Month Update! (6) Lilly - Nine Month Update! (7)
Lilly’s first interaction with the Easter bunny:

Sleep: We had gotten into a pretty good routine / pattern of her sleeping 10-12 hours a night. And then somewhere around mid-month that all went to heck in a handbasket. My gracious. She learned to pull up and stand up in her crib and that became the exciting thing to do when she woke up… so she’d get herself all riled up and never want to go back to sleep.

So that was fun.

Naps have also been “for the birds” recently. I’m chalking it up to new skills, teething, and a leap. Here’s praying that we get back to “normal” soon! Mama is TIRED. And heck, so is Lilly!

Lilly - Nine Month Update! (8) Lilly - Nine Month Update! (12)

Eating: Lilly still nurses about 4-5 times a day and she is eating solid foods pretty much after every nursing session except before bed. We are still doing baby led weaning and she’s become a really good eater. I really think that the BLW has helped SO much with her fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

She is definitely vocal and lets us know what she likes and does not like. She loves chicken, pork, strawberries, prunes, grapes, raisins, bread, potatoes, and pasta. She DOES NOT like green beans, watermelon, pears, apricots, or nectarines.

Lilly - Nine Month Update! (11)

Clothing: Her 6 month clothes are pretty much all too small for her now and she’s STARTING to grow out of a lot of her 9 month clothes… they still fit, but they’re getting snugger. 9-12 month clothes are wear it’s at right now. Get it? 🙂

Lilly - Nine Month Update! (13)

Mood: Still the happiest baby on the block. She is just so happy and so smiley and so charming. Her personality has really begun to shine through… it’s amazing! She’s so interactive, laughs so easily, and really lets us know how she is feeling. It’s amazing how much her personality has changed and evolved even in just the last month. She’s just so clearly not an “infant” anymore and much more of a baby / toddler.

Lilly - Nine Month Update! (10)


  • Daddy. She just LIGHTS up when he walks in the room.
  • Mommy – she always looks for me when I walk away… melts my heart!
  • The puppies.
  • Her pacis.
  • Dancing
  • Going for walks
  • Bathtime
  • Swinging on a swing
  • Being worn in the Tula
  • Playdates with her friends Lorelei and Elle
  • Crawling around
  • Pulling up
  • Her play area
  • Eating

Doesn’t Love:

  • Being hot.
  • Being bored.
  • Watermelon
  • Nectarines
  • Green Beans
  • Sippy cups

Lilly - Nine Month Update! (9)

What I Want to Remember / Milestones: SO much has happened in the last month!

She has THREE more teeth beginning to pop through the surface. SO that’s fun for everyone involved.

She is crawling everywhere ALL the time now – and even crawling on hands and knees. She is constantly on the move.

She is pulling up and can pull up all the way to standing. She is getting INTO everything. My gracious… this girl sees something she wants and goes after it.

She is also a HUGE “talker” – she just babbles all the live long day.

She can give HIGH FIVES!! This is totally my favorite thing ever.

We are working on waving… doesn’t quite have this yet.

She can POINT to things. She points to Jesus in her bible and she can point to the lion when I ask her where the lion is on her animal puzzle. It’s amazing!

She is also TERRIFIED of the Easter bunny. Just terrified.

What I’m Looking Forward To: Honestly this next month is actually going to be pretty tough… I will be going on my first long trip for work and I’ll be away from Lilly and John for six days. I know it will be fine, but if I’m being honest, I’m really, really anxious about being gone that long. Just trying to stay positive… In the meantime, we may get to see my dad soon which would be great and we’re going to a wedding in the next few weeks so that will also be a blast! 🙂

We love you, Lilly girl!

And here are Lilly’s monthly pictures up until now: