Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Review


  1. How to choose a suitable amber article?

    Baby necklaces and other articles is a trully irreplaceable natural mean protecting and strengthening your child’s health. However, you should carefully select an appropriate article – only then amber will be really effective.

  2. Do not forget that the effect of the amber is highly dependent on the quality and extent of surface treatment. In general, there is a more amber 50. What have more succinic acid, some less.
    I wear amber pendant and wash face with amber soap. I actually feel the effect of tranquility and I am sure of it.
    PS: Do not buy any amber from China. Remember 90% of world amber is Baltic amber.

  3. Amber healing jewelry is a beautiful way to rejuvenate your spirit, balance energies
    and adorn yourself with handcrafted pieces imbued with healing energy. Baltic amber support’s the body’s immune system and gives the person who wears it a lovely sense of health and

  4. Hi, I know this post is old, but my now my second is teething and we’re cloth diapering so I was lucky to find your blog! Anyway, I’m concerned about an amber necklace choking my baby, not even during sleep but just anytime. Have you had concerns about that? Did it ever seem uncomfortable to her being so close to the skin? In the 90s when i wore chokers/tight necklaces they were kinda uncomfortable, haha!

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  6. What a beautiful and adorable picture of Lilly.



  7. OMG this is the best! My hubby has arthritis and I am Always looking for things that will help him. Lately he has been taking baths in dead sea salt, which has helped some but I will check out Baltic Amber. Maybe they have a bracelet he can wear.
    xo, Lee

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