Five Things I Want To Do This Summer

May 27, 2014·

Cardigan: Target | Lace Peplum Top: Anthropologie (similar) | Jeans: Stitch Fix / Kensie Jeans | Shoes: C. Wonder c/o | Earrings & Bracelet: C. Wonder c/o

Photos by the amazing Mike Gilger.

I’ve been seriously introspective (or something) lately. I have just really been thinking a lot about how to treasure my time here on earth. I know that sounds really serious and Debbie-downeresque, but I’m being for real. A lot of things lately have reminded me how precious our time is and how much we have GOT to stop taking each and every moment for granted.

I will admit, I have definitely taken way more of my life for granted than I’d like to admit. I’ve taken simple little moments like Lilly falling asleep on my chest, or nights out with my husband (alone), or taking a shower longer than 90 seconds for granted.

And I’ve been working diligently to change that lately.

Yellow lace peplum top, white cardigan, Kensie skinny jeans, blue C. Wonder heels I’m spending less time on my phone and more time present with my husband and my baby. I’m spending less time worried about the small stuff and more time laughing at the nuances of daily life. I’m spending less time in my email and more time having girl’s nights with my friends. 

And all of that coupled with the fact that summer is pretty much here… well, it’s got me thinking. I don’t want to waste another day and I don’t want to waste another second. So, I wanted to come up with a simple list (gotta start somewhere and I gotta start small) of things I want to do this summer. Even if it’s something crazy simple or really “basic” – I want to do it. I want to make it happen!

Yellow lace peplum top, white cardigan, Kensie skinny jeans, blue C. Wonder heels

So, without further ado, here are “FIVE Things I Want To Do This Summer:”

  1. See a Dave Matthews Band Concert. I’m a massive Dave fan. Always have been. Always will be. Under the Table and Dreaming was the first tape I ever bought. I haven’t seen Dave live in over two years. While I realize that this seems like not a big deal, it is a HUGE deal to me. There are potentially TWO chances for me to see him live this summer and I WILL make it happen. By hook or by crook. Who’s coming with me?!
  2. Go to the beach. I LOVE the beach. Soooooo much. Other than our Disney Cruise (which I am NOT knocking at all), I haven’t been on a vacation to the beach in years. I can’t wait to just get the sand between my toes and relax without a care in the world.
  3. Read a book. FOR FUN. I love to read! I was an English major in college and used to read ALL the time for fun. I used to read tons of memoirs and non-fiction and teen novels for the heck of it. And I haven’t done that in way too long. I need to get back into that habit and start reading for ME. Not because I have to, but because I want to.
  4. Invest in a skin care regimen. You’re probably like, WHAT?! I know. I know. I have been thinking a lot lately about the fact that really up until this point, I’ve never consciously taken care of my skin. I’ve been SUPER blessed with good genes and naturally pretty good skin, but I’m starting to quickly notice fine lines and dark circles and aging setting it. I need to nip that in the bud, yo. I’m almost 30. It’s time I start taking care of my skin. F’real.
  5. Take Lilly to the zoo. I LOVE the zoo. I was always a huge fan of the zoo when I was a kid and now that Lilly is into everything and so interactive and so growed up (that’s an on-purpose spelling 🙂), it’s time we take Lilly to the zoo. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she sees all the animals in person! I feel like she will LOVE it.

There are SO many more things I want to do this summer, but for now, I’m starting with these five.

Now, tell me… what is something YOU want to do this summer?! Leave your wish list in the comments!!