Fun2Fun COLIBRI HEART PRINT TAB-SLEEVE BLOUSE, royal blue skirt, monogram clutch, Holly G pearl necklace from Esterlane (1)


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  2. OMG Molly!!!!!!
    I absolutely LOVE 24! As soon as I heard 24 would be back in May, I started watching all the episodes on Netflix to get me in the mood! LOL
    “Once you go Jack, you never go back!” – dork alert!!!

  3. Wow Molly! These picture’s turned out amazing! You are one hot mamma!
    Right now I am hearting: My first Tory Burch Bag, my Kate Spade score, my new Magic Mesh for the back door, my darling husband, and all my friends.
    xo, Lee

  4. I heart your outfit and these pictures too! I think you always look good in your pictures though 🙂 It’s funny you mention Chipotle because we move to a new (small) town a couple months ago and just yesterday discovered they have Chipotle. My husband was so excited. lol

  5. Hearts are my favorite shape and I love your blouse! This is such a cute look! I also love summer and am so glad it’s finally here!


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