Molly's Money | The Tough "Money Talk" In Marriage - A Reader Question


  1. I fully agree with this! When I married my husband he had been on his own for 10 years and he was the one taking on my debt (student loans and my car). He had no reservations what-so-ever about helping me pay off my debt. It wasn’t a “this is your debt you take care of it” type of thing, it was an our debt and we paid it off quickly (refinanced the condo and took out extra money to pay off everything since it was a lower % than the loans themself, crazy right?). We did a joint account right away, you are now in this together, and I always think it’s weird when people don’t share everything. If it helps, maybe you can have some “fun” money in a separate account for just you, so she doesn’t feel like she’s giving up everything and doesn’t have any wiggle room. But agree, all the boys activities is theirs together not just hers. I once read this article where the husband made 5x what the wife made and while he was off doing golfing trips, she couldn’t even afford her car payment/basic necessities and I just thought it was crazy that he was doing these extravagant golf trips while his wife couldn’t even afford basic things, like transportation. You are in this together, and like Molly said the sooner you/she realizes that, you’re marriage will be stronger for it. Wow that was a book.

  2. I agree 100% with this. There is a reason why God said two shall become one and it was so they would be united. The new ways people want to do marriages are being treated like roommates and no wonder marriages don’t work…there is no unity. Some things are the way they are for a reason…..because they work. Don’t try to fix something that isn’t broke.

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