#FollowFriday: The 10 Funniest Twitter Accounts You Might Not Be Following (But Should Be)

June 13, 2014·

It’s been a little over eight years since Twitter first started. And if I’m assuming correctly, I can pretty much guarantee that Jack had no idea that eight years later, Twitter would be what it is to so many millions of people. I mean, we get our news from Twitter (I’ll never forget that’s how I found out Michael Jackson died), we connect with celebrities on Twitter (THE Mr. Belding follows me!), and we share our lives on Twitter (isn’t my kid cute?) – all in 140-characters or less.

But one of my absolute favorite things about Twitter is that I know that if I’m in need of a good laugh, I can turn to some to Twitter and read the tweets of some of the most hilarious “people” on earth. 

While this list is certainly not the end all be all list of hilarious Twitter accounts, it’s MY list of some of the funniest, side-splitting, laugh-so-hard-your-eyes-tear-up accounts.


1. @PicturelessPins

It’s everything you love about Pinterest, only it’s just words. It’s “theater of the mind” for moms, fashionistas, decor enthusiasts, creatives, and DIY-junkies. 


2. @YourAwayMessage

1996 called and it wants its screen name back. I think my first screen name was OLdNaVyAnGeL (not joking) and I totally used to leave passive aggressive away messages… this Twitter account captures all that childhood, emo glory, in 140 characters or less.


3. @SeinfeldToday

If you were EVER a fan of the hit show Seinfeld, then this Twitter account is for you. Each Tweet is the synopsis of an episode of Seinfeld if it were on television today. I mean every. single. Tweet has me in absolute stitches and saying to myself, “Yes! Yes! That would totally be an episode.”


4. @KimKierkegaard

Philosophy nerd? Reality show enthusiast? This is the account for you. These Tweets combine the highbrow philosophy of Soren Kierkegaard and the ditzy ramblings of Kim Kardashian. It’s a dream come true.


5. @MeetingBoy

Do you work in an office? Have you ever? If you answered “Yes” to either of those questions, then you have probably thought all the thoughts that Meeting Boy thinks. Meeting Boy just also happens to Tweet those brilliant, hilarious, and all-too-true thoughts.


6. @TextInstagram

Quite similar to the Twitter musings of @PicturelessPins, Text-Only Instagram is everything you love about Instagram images… only just with words. So brilliant. So hip. So #nofilter.


7. @ChrchCurmudgeon

Grew up in church? A current church goer? Been to church on Christmas or Easter? Then you know Church Curmudgeon. Hilarious mix of observations, Bible jokes, and general hilariosity (is that even a word? …you catch my drift), Church Curmudgeon never ceases to crack me up.


8. @HonestToddler

Chances are you may have already heard of sweet little Honest Toddler, but if you haven’t, my golly you are missing out. Honest Toddler is the, well, honest thoughts of a young child in Twitter form. And each one is spot on.


9. @FakeAPStylebook

I remember sitting in my Journalism 101 class in college flipping through the AP Stylebook wondering if I’d ever remember (or even use) any of that stuff. I also remember thinking some of it was nonsense. The Fake AP Stylebook is what every writer wishes the actual Stylebook was like.


10. @BaffledFarmer

The hilarious thoughts of a farmer… who is baffled. He also signs off with “Regards” a lot… because that’s what farmers do. Right? Right. Of course they do. Having lived in an area surrounded by farms, I can only imagine that every farmer I come across thinks many of these exact things.

So those are 10 of the Twitter accounts I follow that leave me laughing every time. What about you? Do you have any particularly funny Twitter accounts that you follow? Are you following me on Twitter? Leave some of your favorites in the comments!